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  1. D

    Solved Thinkpad E470 Keyboard Problems (spamming random key and not working properly)

    Hey everyone, I hope I've found the right place for my issue and sorry in advance for potentially writing in bad English (not native). I had an incident with my Lenovo Thinkpad E470 several months ago where I accidentally spilt some liquid over the keyboard. I hadn't been using it for a while...
  2. N

    My laptop's sound is glitching and my screen is freezing

    Hello everybody So lately I've been having a problem with my laptop, sometimes when i turn it on it starts acting weird. My sound starts to glitch for no reason at all, and the screen freezes for like a moment or so. I've tried reinstalling windows (not torrented), with all drivers (most...
  3. Zeeshan Asad

    Laptop Crashes

    Hello Dear people! I bought a used pavilion 15 gaming laptop model cx0xxx. The issue I am having is sometimes when the laptop is running it crashes and the screen shows some weird lines and squares. It happens randomly throughout the usage. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  4. M

    What could be the problem?

    Hi, the mouse that I have been using broke so I found an old mouse at home that I used 7-8 years ago. As soon as I plugged it into my laptop, the laptop turned off and wouldn’t turn back on. It won’t even show any light or indication that it has power. I then plugged the mouse into a different...
  5. teadrinker

    Unreliable connection between wifi/Bluetooth card and mPCI-e slot

    The connection between the wifi/Bluetooth card on my laptop and its mPCI-e slot is unreliable. After a few weeks or months, it starts to become erratic, causing frequent crashes, until it fails altogether and disappears entirely from Device Manager. I have also confirmed that it fails in Linux...
  6. A

    Annoying lag spikes when playing Minecraft

    I have this issue when playing Minecraft. Longer I play, the more lag spikes I get. Most of these lag spikes come from chunk upload and memory garbage collection. My CPU is Intel Pentium 4000 and GPU Intel HD 505. 4 GB of RAM and storage is 1 TB HDD. Laptop is Asus XN547 (I think, writing this...
  7. melaniedj

    Solved Problems with headphones

    my laptop has been doing this thing where every once in a while (seemingly without cause) it won't send audio through any headphones. It will reconise that it has connected. seen as it'll ask what I plugged in, headphones or a speaker, when i click either while i actively have sound playing i...
  8. Viper7

    Solved Random FPS drops

    Hello, I've had this problem for several months now. Its a bit weird. First Here's my specs : Acer Nitro 5 AN515 16GB RAM Intel core i5 8th gen Geforce GTX 1050 SSD The problem is : I'm losing FPS in every games (even UNO o_o) but randomly. I can play for like 20min with 60fps and then...
  9. N

    Laptop quickly shuts off if built-in keyboard connected

    I'm troubleshooting a laptop whose keyboard has a power button on it. The laptop immediately shuts off after showing the ASUS logo but before the BIOS/UEFI becomes available. However, it boots successfully if I pull the keyboard connector from the motherboard immediately after powering it on...
  10. S

    Solved Problem with Webex meeting

    Hi everyone, First of all, I apologise if I have by any chance started my thread in the wrong part of the forum. I put it here because the issue is related to a laptop and could possibly be either a hardware or a software issue (not sure). I also apologise for the lengthy message. I have had...
  11. Sssandra

    Solved Wierd sound on MSI laptop

    Hi guys. I recently purchased MSI gv72 8rd laptop from ebay seller. I was testing it and noticed this sound. I am not sure where it is coming from. Is sounds like grinding and sometimes it is combined with the clicking sound that can be heard on the second video. Do you know what this is? Should...
  12. F

    Laptop unable to boot (sometimes)

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio X870-11P laptop, that has started having some issues booting. It is a little old, but once it starts it runs perfectly fine. It has started maybe a month or two ago, that when I turn on the PC, the screen is black, and the fan spins up for a few seconds, and down again...
  13. L

    Help! Trying to set up dual monitors to laptop

    I have a HP 14-ce3510sa laptop (i5) and have bought two Samsung monitors which I am trying to connect. The laptop has an HDMI output, USBC and 2 x USB slots. The monitors each have a VGA and HDMI port. I have managed to get one monitor set up by connecting the HDMI cable directly from monitor to...
  14. PabloIV

    Having troubles with clicking

    I have not been able to left click while running Terraria. However, I have been able to left click outside of it. My laptop is a dell precision 3541 and have tried uninstalling it from steam at the loss of my 30+ hours into the game. Any ideas?
  15. ZeroThree

    Solved Asus laptop won't turn unless I plug in the power chord.

    I bought an Asus Zephyrus GX701GWR about a year ago, and its been wonderful until 3 days ago, when I unplugged it (while the battery showed as 100% charger) and the laptop just went dead. I tried to power it back on but I could not, unless I connected it to the AC adapter. Thing is, I just used...
  16. K

    Asus TUF Gaming FX504GM seems to be underperforming

    There was a time I could play Starcraft 2 on ultra and not worry about much, except for matches with lots of players (game engine limitation I've heard). Same with Batman Arkham City and other resource-intensive games. Now I'm having low FPS on starcraft on low with occasional hiccups, game...
  17. C

    ASUS ROG G56JK extremely long POST time, weird sounds from optical drive

    Hello ! My ASUS laptop developed a very strange and annoying problem for the last couple of months. When I start the laptop from a cold boot it takes a very long time ( raging between 5 to 15 mins ) to actually get to the Windows loading. I know when I first start to boot a pc it does it's...
  18. emilehmedlivevo

    Laptop boots up after a few tries

    Hi, my laptop is HP Probook 4730s, I have a problem that occurred by itself for about a month. I put the laptop in sleep mode, after hours when I try to open, laptop isn't opening. Screen stays black and fan starts spin fast after 3 seconds later. And I hold power button, laptop turns off, again...
  19. L

    Laptop not detecting any external microphone - Conexant

    Hi there, I'm posting for my partner. We have tried everything that we can find on google, to try and get her laptop to detect a microphone on a headset to be detected, but with no luck so far. It was working fine, then she had a fresh install of windows 10 done and now it just isn't detecting...
  20. K

    Solved internet works but games wont :pls help

    I recently bought a new laptop and installed some games they will start but won’t let me get into a match, it says it is a connection to server issue. I have a 100mb download and 5upload speed. It works very well on chrome and everything exept the game. I deleted norton becuase another forum...