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  1. miqi222

    Can’t start laptop.

    So I was updating my device drivers using an app on steam and had it automatically restart my computer. I was downloading a game while it restarted. When it restarted, there was a message saying that my computer will be restarted and gave me the error code : SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED...
  2. E

    My PC resolution changed for old games when I played a certain game

    Hello there, I'm new to the forum, but this seemed like the perfect place to get help for the problem I'm having since yesterday. This only happens with "old" games, not recent ones. For example, "Arcanum" is involved. So I have been playing games like Arcanum, Sacred Gold Editio and...
  3. B

    Lenovo Legion y530

    Hi i my y530 has an sdd in it with 500 gb but i would like to upgrade to a little more storage. There is one slot avalibe were i can put in a HDD but i dont know what kind of hdd is compatible with my system... Also what kind of price range is there for 1tb compared with 500gb hdd? Thanks in...
  4. S

    Solved HP Laptop unable to copy paste large amount of files

    Hi, i am unable to copy/ paste ‘large anounts of elements’ ( 1000+, using Windows Explorer ) using my HP laptop. I have a large music library ( about 13000 files/ songs ), and if i copy the entire ‘library folder’ and paste it somewhere else there is no problem ( the entire folder is...
  5. D

    Overheating—please help

    I have a Lenovo Y510P ideapad with an Intel Core i7-4700MQ, a GeForce GT 755, and a Intel HD Graphics 4600. This laptop has ran the games I want to play good for years. A couple months ago it suddenly started roaring every few seconds and freezing my game. I downloaded a program that tells me my...
  6. rubybug

    Solved Huge Mystery Folder taking up over 1/4 of my SSD

    I'm really unsure what to do about this and it's beginning to become a pain as I'm losing space on my drive. On my Lenovo Yoga 510, I have a huge folder labelled "Apple" taking up almost 70GB of my 200GB SSD, and when I open it I see no files while the properties of the folder say it has over...
  7. S

    Help with Laptop

    Hey guys, I've had this laptop for a little while and there's multiple programmes which when I open just show a small hotbar, anyone know how to fix this? Would be actually amazing to get solved. The picture shows how these programmes open and not able to get much more out of them.
  8. VangelisCipras

    Please someone help me if have time fast.

    Hello i have emergency situation going on now, i think some of my roommates or people that i am living with tried or managed to enter my Laptop with windows 7 operating system. Today i returned from 3 day holiday and when i tried to power up my laptop i realized that it was put on sleep and i...
  9. welmorfian

    My laptop shuts down after it falls below 40% to 30% Battery

    PC SPECS: HP Processor: Intel Core i3-5005U 2.00Ghz Ram: 4 GB System type :64x PROBLEM: This started happening not while ago.After falling below 35% PC started shutting down whit out any warning. After that it can't start up whiteout charger being plugged in. This resulted in huge loss of work...
  10. oriental2722

    Need help turning off tap to click on touchpad

    Hi, I need help turning off the tap to click on my laptop touchpad. I've scoured many forums trying to find an answer, but to no avail. Please don't tell me to go to my mouse hardware settings and turn off tapping because it's not showing up for me. I've looked in my device manager, nothing...
  11. Z

    Green background problem

    Hello everyone, I bought a new laptop today for school. It is an Acer Aspire 5. It has no disc reader so I used an USB cd/dvd reader to install a program to use my printer. After everything was installed I wanted to eject the USB but couldnt find it with the "eject safely button". So I just...
  12. H

    Laptop for development

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a laptop good enough to smoothly run Unity or Unreal. I'm in my senior year of school and need something to be able to develop on the go. I bumped into the Predator Helios 300 but being a college student the price is a bit steep. I've never been really good with...
  13. dannyd3942

    Best antivirus+ antimalware software

    So I was researching virus protection software after messing up my PC and realized that for my laptop I would need antivirus software but also antimalware software, I'm leaning towards Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Malwarebytes Has anyone ever used these and would they recommend them or would...
  14. dannyd3942

    EVGA SC15

    So I decided to buy the EVGA sc15 over various different laptops and was just wondering has anyone previously owned this laptop or have any experience with it?
  15. dannyd3942

    Lenovo vs HP vs MSI

    So I'm making my final decision on which laptop to buy, my 3 choices are:
  16. dannyd3942

    Totally confused on which laptop to buy

    So I've got a shortlist of 3 laptops:
  17. dannyd3942

    Buying a laptop?

    So I've been looking to buy a laptop as I start university in September and my shortlist comes to:
  18. T

    Boot problems on dell latitude e6230 laptop

    Hey guys, been trying to fix this for months now. I updated my laptop (dell latitude e6230) a while ago on windows 10 and on startup it crashed. I then found that the PC wouldn't boot again to homescreen. This would have been fine but when I went to the auto repair feature that also got stuck...
  19. A

    Retrieving photos

    Can I get some help/advice please? I have an old HP laptop that hasn’t worked for a while, I’ve been meaning to take it to a repair shop or such like to get it looked at but never seem to get round to it. I would like to know if it is at all possible to retrieve photos from a broken laptop? I...
  20. T

    Graphics issue with grey boxes around text on certain programs.

    I am having issues with grey/white boxes appearing around text in certain programs, so far I have found it in chrome and spotify. I noticed this recently after a windows update. I've tried: updating graphics drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling both programs, but to no avail downloading...