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  1. Luger

    Dell latitude e6420 doesn’t recognize Hdd after taking it apart

    After I took my pc apart reassembled it , The motherboard doesn’t recognize my HDD whatsoever , And when I boot my pc up it shows me this message “No bootable device found” although the hdd is connected ,keep in mind that my Hdd worked just fine before i took my pc apart Any ideas what’s...
  2. G

    Acer problem

    Hello everyone, my name is Timéo and I currently have an Acer ES 15 laptop => https://electrotounes.tn/pc-portable-acer-aspire-3-a315-i5-4go-1to.html and when I start it I have to enter my password but I don't see it, it's quite complicated to explain. Basically I launch my laptop, I see the...
  3. Z

    Solved Help upgrading my laptop

    I have a lenovo legion laptop I bought in 2017 specs : -GTX 1050 2gb -i5 7300HQ 2.50 Hz -8gb ram (not dual channel) -1TB HDD of course newer games are very slow I am going to change it after a year but I want to upgrade it with something that is useful for the future laptop and can boost this...
  4. robrt

    CPU usage drops abnormally when playing games

    Hey there, this is my first time using this website. I've been trying to fix this problem I've had with my 2017 Dell Inspiron 7000 for about a month now, but I've had no results. Basically, every time that I play a game, let's say, Rocket League, my FPS drops from 220-240 to 9-22, ping goes...
  5. Anthony Vain

    Solved Worried about Malware tanking performance (Laptop, Windows 10)

    We've had this laptop now for two years, and I've noticed during these last few months that the performance has somewhat tanked. Like earlier today I only had a browser opened, and when I went to file explorer it took a few seconds to open. To add to that, whenever i right click on file explorer...
  6. D0uble_Zer0

    Solved Laptop doesn't work after cleaning

    After disassembling, cleaning, and assembling the laptop (acer asphire 7739g), it turned on, but did not display the image on the screen. I disassembled it again, reconnect all the cables, put it back together, and after that it does not start at all. When I try to turn it on the indicator...
  7. Salim Gdoura

    Laptop won't power on after hdd upgrade!

    Hi i have a lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15ARH05 and i recently wanted to add an additional 1To of HDD to my 500Go ssd. I followed a video on youtube but to my surprise the pc didn't even power on but whenever i remove the hdd it turns on as usual. Pls help im kinda stressed out 😥
  8. Chlorine Pentoxide

    Weird Laptop Issues

    I would have continued in my previous thread since it is related but it is closed (Ref:https://pchelpforum.net/t/laptop-fails-to-boot-after-hard-shutdown.71288/) The Problem: I was using my laptop to just do some Web development work and suddenly the laptop makes repetitive noises (short, low...
  9. Sina Salehi


    Hi! I have a really really weird issue. I lunch any game(even the games i hit the recommended specs!),For a few minutes the fps is okay,But after a few minutes my fps drops to 1-2. My laptop can run Gta V easily(as mentioned in the benchmarks) But i have the same issue with 1 chunk at Minecraft...
  10. Deuxice

    It's impossible for me to reset my laptop

    I got a second-hand Lenovo g40-30 laptop this week and it was good as new but yesterday as I was just browsing through internet then suddenly my desktop background just went white and froze. The screen was unresponsive for more or less an hour so I just shut it down with power button. But the...
  11. X

    The WiFi Killer..

    I have a very strange laptop that we like to call the WiFi Killer As whenever I'm using the laptop with the charger cable plugged into it, the Internet does not work and not just for the laptop but for EVERYONE connected to the network!!! It doesn't disconnect anyone from the network but you...
  12. YaSeCA

    P65 Creator 8RF (White Edition) battery duration issue

    Images : P65 Creator 8RF (White Edition) has 70k mWh of battery at max capacity but only lasts for about 2 hours. It says on the front sticker "8 hours productivity". So I thought my battery was simply old and I wanted to replace it... but a brand new one only has +10k mWh. I am plugging...
  13. D

    Solved Thinkpad E470 Keyboard Problems (spamming random key and not working properly)

    Hey everyone, I hope I've found the right place for my issue and sorry in advance for potentially writing in bad English (not native). I had an incident with my Lenovo Thinkpad E470 several months ago where I accidentally spilt some liquid over the keyboard. I hadn't been using it for a while...
  14. N

    My laptop's sound is glitching and my screen is freezing

    Hello everybody So lately I've been having a problem with my laptop, sometimes when i turn it on it starts acting weird. My sound starts to glitch for no reason at all, and the screen freezes for like a moment or so. I've tried reinstalling windows (not torrented), with all drivers (most...
  15. Zeeshan Asad

    Laptop Crashes

    Hello Dear people! I bought a used pavilion 15 gaming laptop model cx0xxx. The issue I am having is sometimes when the laptop is running it crashes and the screen shows some weird lines and squares. It happens randomly throughout the usage. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  16. M

    What could be the problem?

    Hi, the mouse that I have been using broke so I found an old mouse at home that I used 7-8 years ago. As soon as I plugged it into my laptop, the laptop turned off and wouldn’t turn back on. It won’t even show any light or indication that it has power. I then plugged the mouse into a different...
  17. teadrinker

    Unreliable connection between wifi/Bluetooth card and mPCI-e slot

    The connection between the wifi/Bluetooth card on my laptop and its mPCI-e slot is unreliable. After a few weeks or months, it starts to become erratic, causing frequent crashes, until it fails altogether and disappears entirely from Device Manager. I have also confirmed that it fails in Linux...
  18. A

    Annoying lag spikes when playing Minecraft

    I have this issue when playing Minecraft. Longer I play, the more lag spikes I get. Most of these lag spikes come from chunk upload and memory garbage collection. My CPU is Intel Pentium 4000 and GPU Intel HD 505. 4 GB of RAM and storage is 1 TB HDD. Laptop is Asus XN547 (I think, writing this...
  19. melaniedj

    Solved Problems with headphones

    my laptop has been doing this thing where every once in a while (seemingly without cause) it won't send audio through any headphones. It will reconise that it has connected. seen as it'll ask what I plugged in, headphones or a speaker, when i click either while i actively have sound playing i...
  20. Viper7

    Solved Random FPS drops

    Hello, I've had this problem for several months now. Its a bit weird. First Here's my specs : Acer Nitro 5 AN515 16GB RAM Intel core i5 8th gen Geforce GTX 1050 SSD The problem is : I'm losing FPS in every games (even UNO o_o) but randomly. I can play for like 20min with 60fps and then...