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  1. BrecMadak

    Solved Which one to choose from these 3 laptops offer?

    Greetings folks, I need a replacement for my laptop primarily for my work, as a medical illustrator. I work with very large Photoshop files (easily reach over +1,5 GB with +50 layers) and usually have +50 tabs open at any given time. There is a specific retailer where I have to redeem my...
  2. A

    How to transfer files via local wifi-network?

    Dear community, At home I typically transfer files between Pcs using an USB-stick. The two computers in question are usually a Windows 10 desktop PC and a Windows 11 laptop. Both Windows installations are in Dutch. So in this text I use translations, e.g. ‘Network detection’ is my translation...
  3. krabberz

    big icons and apps

    After closing out a game yesterday, my icons and my applications suddenly got enlarged. I tried restarting multiple times and resize my icons, but it didn't work. I'm still looking for solutions. Does anyone know what to do? Any help is appreciated. Thx, krabberz
  4. F

    Solved Internet connection shuts down as soon as I open certain videogames

    Good day, it's my first time writing here and I hope it works, because I really am not sure where else to turn. I have recently started experiencing internet connection issues on my laptop, when connecting to the home Wifi. Note - no one else has the same problem with the wifi on their laptop...
  5. Yeeeeeez

    100% cpu usage from system interrupts only when I plug my ethernet cable

    Yesterday I moved out of my old home and went to install my setup and when I turned on my laptop I noticed it was freezing for long periods of time, when I managed to open task manager I found out that system interrupts uses between 20-100% of my cpu. When I was trying different things to fix it...
  6. Adzi

    Upgrading ram confusion

    Hello! I want to upgrade my ram on my Asus laptop but im quite a bit confused because i can't fint how much more i can put in it. When I was buying the laptop, in the store on the label it said this: And the model is M570DD. When I check the model on my laptop on CPU-Z it says X570DD. Maybe...
  7. jing_liu

    Solved windows explorer related functions suddenly become unresponsive randomly

    i have had this issue for nearly a whole month, when using my laptop, all windows apps (ex: task bar, start menu, alt+tab, settings, task manager) suddenly stop responding and the only way i could get them to unfreeze is to ctrl+alt+del but the issue returns again shortly after. though i have...
  8. E

    Asus Laptop dont Turn one after spilling Water on Keyboard

    Hello Everyone, Im From Germany I have a Asus Tuf A15 FA506IV 2020 Model (RTX2060) I accidently spillee Sparkling Water on my Keyboard. My Laptop was plugged, while i was Clearing the mess the Laptop went Off. Since Then IT doesnt start. I Opened my Laptop the insides Look Clean. Deattached...
  9. Mayamm

    Is my motherboard dead?

    My laptop (Dell latitude e7450) doesn't turn on most of the time. Sometimes it reaches the point of what is shown in the attached video, and once in a while I can actually get to the main screen and log in, but then it shuts down (no warning or anything). Is it the motherboard that is done, or...
  10. Ae Iou

    Help me choose please

    I'm a mechanical engineer student and I need a laptop that will preferably last me the whole 4 years plus after when I do my masters, maybe work from home, etc. But I don't know which one to choose between these three: HP Envy x360 15-ey0000ns, Ryzen 7, 16 GB, 512 GB SSD, 15,6", W11 HP Spectre...
  11. gyarabuoss

    Not getting enough FPS, low CPU and GPU utilisation. (Laptop, rtx 2050, i5 11th gen, 16gb RAM, SSD)

    Hi all, this is my first post and off the gate I really dont know much about PC gaming. I recently bought the ACER Aspire a515-57G laptop. The exact specifications are as follows : Nvidia RTX 2050 Intel i5-1240P @ 1.7 GHz 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD. (please ask for more info if you need it)...
  12. Santa Claus

    battery not working on laptoo

    not sure if it's a hardware or software problem. my battery doesn't work. when plugged in, it works as normal, system says everything looks good, it shows as plugged in, but it's not charging (like battery not even there) shows as 5%. i've tried a different os and nothing changed. i've looked in...
  13. Artem Mars

    I tried custom resolution and something went wrong, now i have no idea how to fix it, can anybody help?

    I tried custom resolution and something went wrong, now i have no idea how to fix it, can anybody help?
  14. Tongi69

    Solved VGA Cable DOES NOT FIT in ASUS VIVOBOOK Laptop with HDMI Cable connected. What can I do to overcome this? Is cutting the VGA Cable connector safe? Did

    VGA Cable DOES NOT FIT in ASUS VIVOBOOK Laptop with HDMI Cable connected - as in there's not enough space to fit both of them. What can I do to overcome this? I saw a video where the Youtuber cut the connector to make it fit (). Is cutting the VGA Cable connector safe? Did anyone get it to...
  15. D

    RAM needed to stream live videos online

    Hi all, Please can I check if anyone has any views on the RAM needed to stream live videos, eg. music and sport, from the internet on a laptop? Would an 8GB RAM laptop work for this or is a 16GB RAM laptop required? Many thanks
  16. J


    I need this for school and I am out of options. I broke this computer down and meticulously cleaned the fans and vents, as well as changed the thermal paste. Still the fan begin to run crazy as if systems overheating and then just freezes and I have to power off and back on. Same thing...
  17. B

    Solved Unable To Click In Taskbar

    Hello - i ran seagate seatools to check the hard drive for errors and it passed. And it has antivirus installed and it is showing no issues. However, when I type the pin to loginto windows 10 it takes me to the desktop, and I can click on shortcuts on the desktop no issue. However, if I try...
  18. R

    Solved Repost: Nearly every game keeps crashing

    I've been in this forum before, and some people might recognize me, because I made a thread about my problems with Assassins Creed games. I was frustrated then, but now I'm frustrated again, because now I can't play any game without it crashing. The games that crash: Skyrim, Assassins Creed (the...
  19. K

    Chosing the right laptop charger

    Hello! My laptop charger seems to not work, so I have to get a new one. As far as I know the voltage should match(mine is 19.5) and the amperage should be wqual or greater to the required. My laptop has a sticker on that says 19.5V 2.31A/19.5V 3.33A. Is that some sort of amperage limit? My old...
  20. Donny Pueblo

    Solved Line of stuck or dead pixels?

    ok so in the above image, theres a line of pixels on my laptop screen (lenovo legion 5) that i think are stuck? but it looks more like a light leak. i dont know how else to describe it but can someone please help me fix it. its getting more noticeable each day. it doesnt show up when my laptop...