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gpu failure

  1. A

    In Progress GPU smoking. Not sure where to go from here.

    Hi All, Last night I had just finished playing a game and was getting ready to finish up for the night when my pc suddenly crashed and turned off. It had never done this before. I went to inspect and noticed my ram rgb was still on but all my fans had stopped. I turned the power switch off and...
  2. Papa Giovanni

    Solved New PSU not powering graphics card

    I recently installed a new PSU to get more wattage for my GPU because it kept crashing games and my computer on graphic intensive games. So I installed the new PSU and EVERYTHING ELSE IS GETTING POWER EXCEPT FOR THE GPU I thought I broke something during the process of switching them out so I...
  3. H

    I suspect a problem with my GPU, but im really unsure what's the cause

    I hope this format is okay im not sure anymore how i structured my last Post. Specs: Speccy : http://speccy.piriform.com/results/OmWMc6pLEu5PDtK5flusn1c RAM: GSkill Aegis DDR4 16GB (2 of these) Mainboard: Gigabyte A320M-S2H V2 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 GPU: Nvidea Geforce GTX 3060 PSU: RM550x v2 550W...
  4. abelriesz

    New GPU

    Hey guys! I bought today a new GPU, i installed a software, but i think its not working ,because its even worse than the old card(The pc detects the gpu), OLD card:Radeon rx 550 New card: rx6600. What can i do?
  5. txymoor

    My gpu and ram are not workin

    Hi, I changed my ram to a new ram but now my gpu and ram are not working, I unplugged the motherboard battery and the ram and it's still not working 😕
  6. Olli

    Gpu died ? I think?

    Was watching a video and suddenly my screen went dark and my pc restart with just one of my monitors working (the smallest one) I reset it again to find green lines all over the screen flickering all over it. I checked device manger and it says my gpu is detected but won't run because of error...
  7. S

    PC looses Video signal if GPU is put under any stress

    Hi Everyone So I'm kinda at my wits end. My PC looses video signal ( the display goes black, sometimes thje screen just goes black once, other times it does it a few times in quick succession before completely going black, with the only resoution being to restart my pc) if i try to put any sort...
  8. Mario Batako

    Have probelm with gpu drivers

    Windows keeps instlling weong drivers for gpu and its not letting me uninstall them code 43 AMD gpu
  9. Maftei Christian

    RTX 3090 iChill X4 crashes and restarts the PC

    Hello everyone, I will start by mentioning that I am a beginner at PC building. I've recently finished *** of War and the whole gameplay went smoothly (no crashes, no issues). Yesterday when I wanted to play some games (Red Dead Redemption 2) the game was freezing after 5 minutes and my PC was...
  10. Jonathan

    Code 43 Error on GPU. Motherboard or PS?

    I have GTX 1050 (no external power plug) and windows is reporting a Code 43 error and device is not working with proper drivers. My first check was to test drivers update, uninstall, reinstall drivers direct from NVIDIA. Computer still outputs video (low res) through card HDMI. If disabled and...
  11. N

    GPU Issue

    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080Ti boot issue. Two nights ago, my GPU's fans hit a high level of RPM. And it also drew a lot of power. The display to my monitor cut off, so I shut my PC down. Turning off the computer, unplugging all devices, flipping the PSU switch, draining power, and then...
  12. Mortein K

    FIFA 21 glitching and crashing & other games simply crashing

    From what I found on the internet, these errors seem to be attached to controllers on pc but I'm using keyboard and mouse only. Since yesterday, I whenever I try to play FIFA 21, the game glitches on the kit selection screen and an error () pops up crashing the game. If I manage to get past the...
  13. RicePanda

    Solved Someone please help with this issue

    I've been to several forums and still no one has actually replied with an actual fix or actual answer that would lead me in the right direction of if something is actually wrong with my GPU or something else. I need to know if I need to RMA my GPU or not. Can't edit in Premiere without this...
  14. VloGoManTV MojaÉraZačala

    Why is my system/PC having suddenly major problems?

    I have old GTX 970 graphic card and i7 CPU. I have been playing some games regularly, playing in full HD new games like Battlefield 1 without problems, and suddenly, yesterday, when I opened such a game, I had 1 fps. Literally unplayable. Like if my GPU was a potato. When I opened a 12 years old...
  15. N

    Solved Acer aspire 3 a315-55g-77k7 Suttering problems...GPU/CPU heatsink might be the cause

    So I have a new problem with my pc, I encounter it all the time in games and also in normal use,when under full load the laptop stutters. I mean in games(csgo) it goes with 110-120 fps for 2-3 seconds than it lags for 1-2 seconds(20-30fps) and goes up again to 110-120 and its doing this...
  16. T

    Is my graphics card dying?

    I'm running on a gtx 1070, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16gb of ram, windows 10 64 bit. I just recently got VR but even before that I have been having issues in games with things like textures popping in and out at very abnormal distances, shadows not looking right and just becoming dark lines on...
  17. 2080Problems2020

    Performance issues 2080, apex legends and more...

    used to think I knew it all about pc's, until this happened. 90-120 fps in apex legends, 114hz monitor with an overclocked 2080. I have tried no overclock, I have tried np MSI afterburner, no ge-force experience, or overplay. Still, rubbish fps, this pc about 1-year-old and I have had some...
  18. Pong876

    Random Freezing on HP Pavillion Gaming 17

    My Laptop keeps freezing after installing my dedicated GPU drivers (Intel(R) UHD 630) freezing is completely random and happens even when completing simple tasks and it just stays frozen until I turn off the PC with the power button.The Laptop works fine when I uninstall the GPU driver but then...
  19. Ovreused

    Sudden FPS drop

    Hello, I have Geforce msi gtx1060 gaming x 6gb graphic card for 2 years 4 Days ago my FPS droped for nothing in every game, from basic 150+ at full details to 20-40 at any details. Every game is now unplayable. I tried reinstaling games, restarting PC, restarting BIOS, Reinstaling gpu...
  20. S

    Dell workstation won't boot into Windows and red lines

    I recently installed an SSD into my T3500 and a fresh copy of Windows. I removed my old HDD in case I needed to use my PC again if I messed something up. Everything worked flawlessly and after a week I was normally uing my PC when my screen turned black and sound stopped. I turned it off from...