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  1. sildaprins

    Solved Trouble after adding additional RAM to my computer

    Hello friends, this is my first post on this forum :) I'm trying to add 4GB RAM to my computer (K20CE), but are facing some challenges: When RAM installed my computer won't boot. Removing it computer boots ok. Grounded myself and checked that RAM was seated firmly in slot. Updating BIOS to...
  2. L

    Solved ASUS VP28UQGL 4K stuck at 30HZ despite DisplayPort 1.2

    Hi, I am using DisplayPort 1.2 with ASUS VP28UQGL, 28 Inch 4K (3840 x 2160) which is capable of 60HZ but it is stuck at 30HZ for some reason. I simply cannot select 60HZ under the settings and the only setting available is 30HZ despite me using the right type of cable which is DisplayPort and...
  3. S


    So I finally brought my Asus pc out of the closet and set it up again, only to find it in a boot loop. (Keeps starting up and turning off within 30 seconds) I've taken apart my pc at this point, and cleanup out all dust from the fans, boards, etc. All fans turn on including fan for power core...
  4. HorribleMan

    Asus p7h55 m , is it working?

    Hi there! I just got my friends Pc with the following specs; -Asus p7h55m -i7 860 - gtx 960 strix -2x2gb kingston ddr3 & 2x2gb kingmax ddr3 ram -1,5 tb samsung hdd The problem is that i cannot make this PC boot. The system turns on but there is no video signal or any sign that its trying to...
  5. J

    Motherboard does not recognize

    Hello everyone, I have an Asus ROG G501vW laptop. This model has 2 ram memories of 8GB each, but recently one of them stopped being recognized by the motherboard. I took my laptop to a technician and he said that nothing could be done, because the problem was the motherboard. He tested taking...
  6. L

    ultrabook can't recognize external monitor

    Hi, i have problem with my connection of external monitor to ultrabook via HDMI. Plugging the monitor doesn't react at all, computer just can't see it nowhere. Monitor is not visible in device manager, it can't be detect, no sound durring plugging etc... My ultrabook is Toshiba Satellite...
  7. M

    Realtek HD Audio Controller Not Working

    Hi, So I've been currently trying to fix this problem for over 5 hours straight. Earlier today I got two sudden PC crashes where my entire PC just went to black (completely turned off without warning), and after a few seconds turned back on again, then I took off the side panel of the case and...
  8. C

    Audio cutting out when applying pressure onto keyboard surface.

    I am having this issue to which, whenever I slightly bend or tap the left and right surfaces by the mouse pad, the audio makes a pop noise and stops working. I then would have to turn off or put my laptop to sleep and the audio would return. However, any considerable pressure on the surfaces on...
  9. S

    pc not booting but fans are spinning always

    Everything was fine until yesterday afternoon when the pc got off without even touching or removing any wire. Then i tried to reboot again by pressing power button but that didn't work at that moment. But the pc managed to turn itself on after sometime of pressing the button . Then i completed...
  10. Stteffann

    Did I get a faulty Asus HD7870 as a gift or is the PSU too weak?

    After replacing the old graphic card with the Asus HD7870-DC2-2GD5-V2, the only thing that happens after switching the computer on is beeping (2x and then 8x more times, there is also normal beeping after 0:08 in the video). Does this mean that the graphic card is broken/damaged or that there...
  11. C

    Solved ASUS USB-AC68 won't stay connected

    My brand new AC68 won't stay connected to my internet. Originally it found and connected to my 5g internet, giving speeds well into the 300 mbps. After a few minutes it lost the 5g internet, never to find it again. For a few hours it would be able to connect to my regular, non5g, internet...
  12. passwurd

    Solved What's wrong with my Desktop? Windows 10 won't boot after update

    So I was shutting down my computer and it did an automatic update, and I left to go do something. I came back with my brother on it and unable to Boot Windows 10, it just takes me to the UEFI Bios Screen, I don't think it's hardware, and apparently it happen while my brother was on the computer...