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windows 7

  1. Alihioo

    Computer error

    Hello guy I have a Dell desktop computer When I turned it on it shows like this Can you guys please tell me what is it and how can I solve it ?
  2. SqArDeL

    Booting from EFI shell not sata or hard disk

    Hi, I got an error osloader.exe and i installed new windows 7 professional, and when I restart my computer EFI shell show up, and then I need to type exit, in boot I have only this on first picture that I will send, before I installed new windows there was sata 1, sata 2 and EFI shell, now when...
  3. cynana10

    Solved How to get to previous system?

    I wanted to updgrade old pc with ssd. It is dell optiplex 760 intel core duo 2x2gb ram windows 7 I cleard the drive wich gave no effect. I cloned the system to the new plugged ssd for which I bought sata power y plitter. Now hdd and ssd are pugged and ssd also is using sata cable form the...
  4. K

    Solved Can't boot from USB?

    I recently bought a new motherboard, cpu and ram (450 m a pro max, ryzen 5 3600, corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz 2x8gb) & now I'm getting a BSOD when trying to launch Windows from my ssd. So, now I'm trying to use my bootable USB to install a fresh version of Windows onto my ssd and everytime I...
  5. N

    "My Computer" takes forever to load - Other folders load normally

    Hey guys, Most of the time when opening My Computer the folder loads forever. All other folders load at normal speeds. When opening other folders from my desktop, the folder's contents load quickly but the sidebar on the left side that has shortcuts to Disc C, D, etc do not load. I am able to...
  6. B

    PC Freeze, help pls.

    Im usinga windows 7 operating system, i updated to 10,8 and the problem i still accuring, i haved this problem for like 4 years now with this pc, but sometimes it freezed a lot and sometimes not that often. I think its the power supply but if you have knowledge about this please help! I have...
  7. C

    Failed to play test tone.

    Hello everyone, For the past few days my PC speakers stopped working. Speakers were old so i thought they broke but, after a while i connected those speakers to my phone and the worked fine. On PC they show their connected but don't play any sound. PC recognizes me reconnecting the aux but when...
  8. N

    Create Windows 10 Bootable DVD Installer

    My mom's Windows 10 computer was crashed. How to make a bootable DVD for reinstalling Windows 10? I tried to Media Creation Tool on my laptop but failed. It says the something wrong happened.
  9. M

    My windows 7 randomly BSODs, and I dont know the cause

    This has been happening some days ago, and it even happens while the system is idle. Can anybody help on how do I fix it? I attached a .rar file that contains both of the BSOD dump files. Can anybody help?
  10. S

    Need some help to open heic images

    Purchased an iPhone XR a few weeks ago and prepare for backing up the photos to my Win 7 PC. Connected iPhone to computer and navigate to DCIM folder. All pics are in .heic and the photo app can not open it. What's wrong with this?
  11. mattzor

    Solved Computer has suddenly started to under perform.

    I've seen this question appear frequently on here but I have to ask. I shall try to stay updated. I got my PC in 2017 and games ran as expected. Nowadays when i play games it will start to lag mid game and sometimes right in the start. I remember playing overwatch capped at 70fps no drops. I ran...
  12. ymcolah

    How do I change file sizes to Zero-Byte (or tiny) while keeping their names ?

    I had a virus infection lately. As a result a lot of files were renamed with the "Adame" extension. Also, the content of the files were changed making them unusable. Now what I'd like to do is keep the files with their current names and zero out (or make tiny) their size. Is there a way to do...
  13. A

    Having issues with connecting a drawing tablet

    So I have an advent pc Windows 7, and I'm trying to connect an artist 12 xp pen drawing tablet to it via hdmi. It keeps saying no signal. The USB that's attached works fine, there's just no display on the tablet. It's not the cables as I've replaced them. Is this a simple fix or do I need to...
  14. H

    Upgrading Graphics Card

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice for upgrading my graphics card. I tried playing an RPG game but DDI is not high enough, I have a 10.1 and need an 11. I just recently started learning about computers, so I do not yet know what to upgrade to (if I can upgrade). I have Windows...
  15. Rick Ricky

    My PC is acting very strange.

    My PC is acting very strange. Whenever i enter my windows 7 professional it freezes for some unknown reason. The screen freezes, the keyboard and the mouse do not respond. The only way out is manually restarting the pc. I had the same problem on my windows 7 home premium until i reinstalled it...
  16. R

    Solved Front panel USB 3.0 stopped working as USB 3.0

    Hi, please help if you can...... As the title says, my two front panel USB 3.0 slots stopped working as USB 3.0 overnight. Whichever USB flash I plug in (and I've tried two different) there is that pop up message "this device can work faster If you plug it in the SuperSpeed usb 3.0 etc...". I've...
  17. S

    Black Screen Desktop

    Hello. After unexpected system shutdown, I can't load desktop( blackscreen only) and there goes dll files errors - userenv.dll, RpcRtRemote.dll, config/systemprofile/Desktop - cant find file. Sfc /scannow won't work. Same situation in safe mode too. I already tried to reinstall these files but...
  18. R

    Solved No Audio Output Driver is installed.

    Hello! New here. Perhaps you can help me with this complicated issue. I have no audio suddenly. PC did its usual restart after installing updates. This time I log on & the home screen says, "No Audio Output Device is installed." This is strange since it was working fine the other day. I...
  19. T

    Solved Windows 7 Ultimate

    Hi, im having problem with my laptop ACER aspire 4740. the system run very slow and I think I want to reformat the system application. anyone can assist?
  20. A

    pc 1 (bis): NTLDR missed on my win7 notebook

    Hi Phil poser ans malnutrition, My win7 laptop crashes into à "missing NTLDR presse ctrl+alt+del" message, Makes the desktop inaccessible Thanks...