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  1. shaky98

    Pending OP Response Dell support assist checks fans on boot up

    i got a new gaming case a month back or so and i moved everything into it. ive changed many components but the motherboard/bios is still dell. the fans now run through my new case as i can control them separately. however dell support assist runs every time i turn on my computer and i cant find...
  2. Sidf25

    Windows not detected booting in boot mamager

    Hey guys i kinda need a little hand. Yesterday my pc was fine and suddenly on boot it keeps trying to automatic repair but fails everytime keeps saying automatic repair couldnt repair your pc. On advancwd options cannot refresh or reset. It says theres was a problem resetting or refreshing your...
  3. B

    Pending OP Response Pc randomly freezes

    Dear pchelpforum I'm having issues with my desktop as it started randomly freezing several weeks ago. This started happening after having had to replace my HDD that became corrupt, I then got an SSD. The pc freezes when using any program or even performing simple actions, from 2-15 seconds and...
  4. B

    Solved Daisy chaining multiple HDD?

    I have 4 externel/internal 2.5" HDDs that are all different capacities but all the same speed 5200rpm. I would like to daisy chain them together to make one big drive. Is this possible and if so how do I do it, is there an enclosure that I can put them all into? I would be using USB 3.0 to do it...
  5. M

    Issue with my boot.

    I have an issue when turning on my pc. The asus mobo logo appears but the little circle that spins does not appear. My pc will only boot to my bios, and it says that there is no hard drive connected, however, my hard drive is connected to both the motherboard and psu (obviously) it also says...
  6. Robert van der Leeuw

    GPU might be broken?

    I got an old 9 270X from a friend that he thought broke due to liquid damage, but he didn't try to power it afterwards anymore. I cleaned it with some 96% alcohol, applied new thermal paste and tried it in my PC a few months ago, and it worked fine for a few minutes, but whilst installing the...
  7. H

    Infinite bios loop

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my pc, everytime I turn it on it is stuck on the bios settings, after I exit it's stuck again - windows never loads. I can't do anything except go into bios.. I am sure it is not the boot load order, my hardrive is on the list correctly. I've reseted bios...
  8. robert1400

    New Usb Speaker issue.

    Running windows 10. (Latest version. Up to date.) Bought usb speaker. (reads as generic usb in device manager) Volume is always at max unless i bring it to 0 and completely mute. I have no sound card but that shouldnt be an issue being as i played with my bluetooth speaker before and volume...
  9. SLBen

    IP configuration not recieved powerline

    Hello everyone, When using my TP-Link AV500 powerline with ethernet cable, it comes up with the yellow triangle in the right corner and fails to recognise the network. I have tried all the common go to CMD commands when troubleshooting this issue including: ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns...
  10. B

    Microphone turns on at random

    My mic has a blue light that ligts up whenever it's in use. Even when all the applications I use are closed. Is it a dude listening, or what? My mic is not wireless.
  11. B

    Solved USB Bluetooth adapter doing nothing

    Bought this Bluetooth adapter today, plugged it in when i got home and nothing happened, literally nothing. No new devices in device manager (also no bluetooth dropdown in device manager), no noise to indicate a new usb has been plugged in etc. I've tried the following Bluetooth & other...
  12. VangelisCipras

    Please someone help me if have time fast.

    Hello i have emergency situation going on now, i think some of my roommates or people that i am living with tried or managed to enter my Laptop with windows 7 operating system. Today i returned from 3 day holiday and when i tried to power up my laptop i realized that it was put on sleep and i...
  13. B

    What is the fastest 128GB MicroSD Card Available?

    This is kind of a internal hardware question, I was wondering what the fastest 128GB MicroSD Card is and can I get it on Amazon? I have a tablet that only has 32GB of internal storage so I'm looking to expand the storage, but want something that is fast. Also will windows allow me to install...
  14. D

    Event Viewer error

    Hello i have been experiencing 3-5 freezes and hangs after 1 month of usage of my new computer. I have seen my event viewer and there are several errors messages mostly security in application logs and DistributedCOM in system logs. I have ran a disk check using command prompt and have updated...
  15. D

    Rendering problem Windows 10

    Hi. I have an issue with rendering in games. It looks like in this video (it's not mine, but I have the same exact issue): Shadows come out of nowhere, also they appear only when I come closer to the surface (0:55 at the video - look at the wall on the left side), grass renders only when I'm...
  16. E

    PC shutting down and restarting without warning

    Hi all, i have had quite a large problem with my pc ever since i had it. this is my first one so i am relatively new to the details of the problems and solutions. the issue is that my computer shuts its self down without any error or warning at all and then re-boots its self automatically a few...
  17. 1

    Solved Help! Deleted files not freeing up space Windows 10

    Hello all I need help with something that I don't understand correctly. I have 2 drives on Windows 10: Primary OS drive C: on a 225gb SSD Secondary drive D: a 1 tb HDD (Out of 1tb, I have partitioned D drive and created a 125 gb partition for ubuntu.) So here is what happened: My C drive has...
  18. D

    Windows 10 unresponsive after installing it for 10mins

    After installing wifi drivers and connecting to my wifi, i was downloading google chrome and this happened. Have tried reinstalling win10 to ssd and same thing happened. My mouse goes off screen,apps wont start up, icons disappear etc. Ps. i just built a new pc with 500gb samsung ssd which i use...
  19. welmorfian

    My laptop shuts down after it falls below 40% to 30% Battery

    PC SPECS: HP Processor: Intel Core i3-5005U 2.00Ghz Ram: 4 GB System type :64x PROBLEM: This started happening not while ago.After falling below 35% PC started shutting down whit out any warning. After that it can't start up whiteout charger being plugged in. This resulted in huge loss of work...
  20. B


    Happens all the time randomly when i'm playing games, nothing in particular seems to set this off, any help would be greatly appreciated. OS: Win 10