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  1. Happi

    Question UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION and then infinite loading

    Hi, i need help with a problem that just happened today I was normally using my computer watching youtube until i got a bluescreen with the phrase UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION at first i wasnt really worried since i had a bluescreen about that before and no problems after it but after this one...
  2. Brunsos

    Solved Large FPS Drop When Opening Certain Programs On Taskbar

    I'm confused why my computer lags incredibly after i open programs such as my gamecube emulator and my league of legends client. It only seems to lag when i open gaming related programs. After a few seconds its returns to normal until i click out and click back in again, then it lags again. Also...
  3. HolzstockG

    Certain websites don't work on both OS

    Hello there! I'm having for several days a sudden problem - I can not run lots of websites on Windows 10 without a reason. After plugging my smartphone to a computer I have changed in Windows to its internet and then I could open them, but problem still occurs on my main internet that computer...
  4. twan2020

    SSD detected in BIOS but not in windows disk manager

    I recently got an SSD (Samsung EVO 860) and am trying to install it but for some reason it shows up in my BIOS but not in diskmanagement. So I cannot format and use it. The SSD shows up in device manager: But not in disk management or when listing all disks in the command prompt (it just...
  5. Trillemannen

    My pc wont boot properly!

    The other day i was sitting in my room playing video games on my computer when my network made me lag alot, so i decided to move my computer closer to the router. I turned off the computer, unplugged everything, moved it and plugged everything in to it again. I started the computer and it just...
  6. droscoe

    Help with Freezing & Restarting PC

    My PC randomly freezes and restarts. The chances of it freezing/restarting seems to increase when I'm putting a load on my system (such as gaming). Only a few minutes of heavy gaming and it restarts. On the flip side, when I'm doing nothing at all (sitting on desktop) or doing minimal activity...
  7. miqi222

    Can’t start laptop.

    So I was updating my device drivers using an app on steam and had it automatically restart my computer. I was downloading a game while it restarted. When it restarted, there was a message saying that my computer will be restarted and gave me the error code : SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED...
  8. D

    Solved Is it possible to recover/restore this file?

    Hello, a while back I had to restore windows 10 on my laptop because of a virus. I couldn't make a back-up of the files because the virus was doing it's work I guess... There were some pictures and videos that I didn't want to lose and those pictures/videos turned into "mxpchyvl" files because...
  9. danielelii

    SSD and HDD space optimization

    I as a music producer recently switched to PC from Mac. And I am wondering if it's possible to install Windows 10 on my SSD and my programs, plugins, music packs and such on my HDD. Since my SSD is only 250GB and my HDD is 1TB, I want to store most of my music stuff on the HDD, so that it...
  10. maoeei

    Ghost system.

    Guys, I have a huge doubt. I left the lid of my notebook (Lenovo Ideapad touch screen) open, but over time the lock screen was activated and automatically went into standby, but a few hours later it turned on by itself, without my touching it. Not to mention that there was access to the internet...
  11. F

    Truthfully don’t know the root of the issue. Error code 43 related to graphics card.

    So, I’ve built a pc from scratch, everything is factory and new except the GPU. I bought it from a reputable Facebook marketplace seller with a high rating who has been helpful and willing to refund the money if the card is faulty. I want to make sure the card isn’t the problem before I take it...
  12. Tomb

    Help !

    Hi so basically I went to reset my pc and once it started the pc froze and and shut off and now when I turn it on There is a black screen and I can’t do anything, and help would be very appreciated
  13. F

    Issue with Nvidia/Win 10 Display driver

    Hi Im having 3 big problems just trying to install whats necesary for my graphic card... The first one is this: i tought i just needed to use the compatibility mode but it dindt worked... then i tried to use Windows Update to get the last version of win and this happend I said "never mind...
  14. donaldduck1010001010

    Question GPU Upgrade boot loop and unable to get to safe mode

    OS: Windows 10 (an old version) Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600 Motherboard: ga-ab350-gaming (rev. 1.x) Old GPU: rx 550 New GPU: rx 580 OC 4gb Storage: crucial mx500 PSU: corsair cx450 (450 watts) Maybe it is important to mention the PSU is 450W and it has only one 6 pin connector (a 6+2 connector). I...
  15. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Keyboard Backlight issue HP Probook 450 G3

    So it looks like (stupidly) the only way to change the timer on my keyboard backlight is to go into the BIOS, I do have a keyboard shortcut but it only works for the brightness, not how long to keep the backlight on. Does anyone know of a program that I can install that would take care of this...
  16. Pedio

    I can't get rid of a virus

    Hello community Last month i tried to download Mario 64 , but sadly it turned out to be some dangerous virus , i had read every forum and watched every video and downloaded every antivirus or antimalware for this problem but nothing helped me . I tried to delete the virus files manually with...
  17. M

    Solved How to reset windows 10 to original

    My windows 10 seems to be infected with pop ups etc. My pc performance utility informs me that my disk is fragmented and cluttered. I have in the past downloaded software etc. I wish to simply do a complete reinstall of windows. How can i go about doing this?
  18. I

    Switching from 32bit to 64bit Windows 10

    As stated in the title, I am currently running windows10 32bit and would like to install 64bit. Several days ago I upgraded my windows 8.1 32bit to 10 32 bit and have been searching for a way to move to 64bit since then. I have both the 32 and 64bit versions saved to a USB stick using the media...
  19. P

    Cloning my system OS from an internal M.2 Sata to M.2 NVME

    Hello Everyone! So here is what I plan to do: I want to exchange my current M.2 Sata SSD (500MB) to a bigger and faster M.2 NVME SSD. I want to achieve this by putting the new (2TB) NVME into an external enclosure, then cloning the Smaller system disk to that new one. After that, I want to...
  20. Epictaco6

    Solved Newly built PC won't connect to the internet

    So I just finished building my first PC this weekend and everything is working great except the internet I've installed the most recent drivers from the motherboard website (MSI Z390-A PRO) and the device manager says they are working. I've tried it on several networks so I know it's not the...