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windows 10

  1. P

    Solved Screen showing no signal after windows 10 logo, please help

    Hi, I get no signal on my screen (display port) after the windows 10 logo shows. I googled it and found out that it might be a problem with my graphics driver. I reset the pc into safe mode and went into "device manager". In display adapter I see my 2 graphics cards, Inter(R) HD Graphics 4600...
  2. M

    PC randomly freezing

    Hello everyone, I've been struggling with this issue for way too long now. My pc keeps randomly freezing and it's been driving me nuts. I've searched for fixes on google, tried some but none worked. I've had my task manager open to monitor my memory and it didn't seem to spike when it froze. It...
  3. T

    File Explorer Freezes when Click Right Click New.

    Recently I am facing this issue. whenever I click right click and select new, the menu box or 'context menu' freezes along with the file explorer. It does not happen with other items such as sort by or view by options in the context menu. It only occurs when I click new. It freezes like about 15...
  4. H

    Windows 10 software corruption I now have the new reinstalled files and my old files.

    So to clarify currently my windows 10 had an update that corrupted my whole computer so I had to get a usb and reinstall windows, This though now leaves me with a massive problem with having my new files and my old files. The new files being in my data drive and my old files being in my c drive...
  5. Sonu1994

    Dell TouchPad

    Hello Guys Am using Dell Inspiron 14 33307 with Windows 10 Pro , ever since i installed windows 10 i have problem with my Touchpad ... after booting my pc my touch pad works fine for few hours then it stops suddenly so i decided to update my drivers to the latest one still no luck .. tried to...
  6. G

    Solved Keyboard and mouse drivers? Windows 10 drivers?

    my keyboard and mouse stopped working on my gaming PC, like any good not super techie i unplugged it and plugged it back in. Nothing. Restarted my PC, nothing. Now i can not get back into my PC (password protected) because the keyboard and mouse don't work. Went into the Bios and the keyboard...
  7. R

    External Hard drive unknown , not initialized & no Space

    External Hard drive WD1600BEVS/160GB unknown, not initialised and no space showing in windows 10 How can i solve and safely get all the data? Please kindly help, Tank you in advance In devices & printer i troubleshoot There are problems with some PnP devices. Windows will take additional...
  8. Spiros_Ts

    Cant install anything from internet

    Hello so 3 days ago i did a format on my pc and for the last 2 days i cant install Java,mcafee,hextech repair tool etc.I think its a permission problem,for example when i download java and then i try to install it i open the it, it askes me if i agree that it makes changes on my pc i select yes...
  9. H


    I recently deep cleaned my pc and i turned my pc on to see one of my ram sticks was half in with one of the sides not pushed in, i turned off my pc and pushed the side back into my motherboard and turned on my pc so far everything is fine. Is there any chance i couldve damaged my pc and is there...
  10. C

    Outlook Error after Forced Windows 10 Upgrade

    During working on my system windows updated automatically. I take around 3-4 hours and after updating outlook shows an Error. "Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook. Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.0.1 or greater". My all data like old emails, calendar, and tasks saved in Outlook are now...
  11. Z

    Solved My new computer won’t shut down or restart because of gpu

    Hi, I had a problem where my new computer wouldn’t shut down properly. I tried everything I could find with no success until I simply started removing components. The good news is that I found the problem component which is my Graphics card. I tried taking it out and putting it back in, hoping...
  12. Cappy2234

    Solved Windows 10 DPC Watchdog violation

    Hi, So after installing WIndows 10 and updating all my drivers this happened.Can someone help fix this error & is it possible that changing paging file caused this?
  13. G

    Audio Mixer

    Hi, I don't really have an issue that's really bad but I just need some help in figuring something out. Anyway, I want to connect a mixer board to windows 10 but for the sliders to control individual programs instead of the whole system. Bassicaly a physical form of the Windows Volume Mixer. I...
  14. B

    Securely Delete Data without wiping SSD?

    I'm selling a laptop with a SSD in it. And leaving Windows 10 installed. Is there a way for me to securely delete my files so they aren't recoverable, without having to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows? I have read its not good to use file delete/overwriting programs on SSD's so is there any...
  15. B

    BitLocker Settings for External Drive

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but, I have BitLocker enabled on a external HDD. Everytime I plug it in two windows pop up basically sayng the drive is not accessable. Then I have to close them and go in This PC, click on the locked drive to get the Window to enter my password...
  16. S

    Stuck on blue Hp logo screen

    Hello everyone who can help. Yesterday I saw a video on how to overclock RAM. In order to do so I had to go into the BIOS. Upon turning my PC on I proceeded with pressing F2 to bring up my BIOS settings. But unfortunately I now am stuck on the blue “press esc to access startup menu” screen...
  17. joshyjames

    Sleep and Restart don't work

    Whenever I try to restart my computer, once it powers down it never actually restarts and I have to manually turn it off again. I also have a problem with the sleep mode (not the screen turning off sleep mode) where once I activate sleep mode the computer acts like it's asleep for about one...
  18. John Lockwood

    Odd bitlocker issue on multiple drives

    Hello all, I am running the latest Windows 10 64bit. I tried to post my PC Parts Picker list, but the forums won't let me. Marks it as spam. I'm running the Threadripper 1950x cpu with a gigabyte x399 Aorus gaming 7 board. 32 gigs of TridentZ ram from G.Skill. I am having an odd random issue...
  19. B

    Windows Hello not supported on HP ProBook 450 G3?

    Can anyone tell me why Windows Hello isn't supported on my HP ProBook 450 G3? I have a camera and a fingerprint reader, granted I have tried everything to get the fingerprint reader to work but it for some reason doesn't. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64, is it only supported in home editions or...
  20. NoStressZen4X

    AMD E1-6010 APU AMD Radeon R2 Graphics Windows 10

    Hello, Before i start english is not my primary language, so im sorry if i can't express myself well I have an issue, i own an HP laptop ( Not a good one, i know that, but it's the only one i have for now) specs -> AMD E1-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics, 1.35ghz, 4 gb ram, 64bit, windows...