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shutting off

  1. N

    CPU over heating

    I have a 7800 X3D Nzxt kraken 360 aio cooler aorus gigabyte B650 elite AX motherboard 7900xtx Corsair ddr5 2x16 RAM I just built this computer and updated the BIOs to the current version My computer starts up for a little bit and with no applications running the cpu temperature shoots up to...
  2. J

    PC Shuts Off Every Other Time

    Hello, In short, my desktop crashes after every other startup. Once it wakes up from sleep or turns on it will crash after 5 minutes or so and reboots. It will not crash again after any amount of time unless it falls asleep, I put it to sleep, or I turn it off. I believe there is some issue...
  3. axel

    Solved Pc randomly turns off

    Hello there, My pc keeps shutting down at random times. I have to wait for like 10-20 seconds before i can restart it again otherwise my screen stays black. I think its not because of overheating because i changed the termal paste twice in 2 month. Also if i got to my settings and try to open...
  4. M

    PC Shuts off unexpectedly sometimes not a single software being used!

    Hello all, My PC CYBERPOWERPC AMD Windows 8.1 64 bits (more data on attached TXT files) has been shutting off unexpectedly sometimes not a single software being used! I recently replaced the thermal paste of both the graphics card and the mother board (cpu?) and it is still happening...I have...