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In Progress PC Shuts off unexpectedly sometimes not a single software being used!


PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Oct 13, 2018
Hello all,
My PC CYBERPOWERPC AMD Windows 8.1 64 bits (more data on attached TXT files) has been shutting off unexpectedly sometimes not a single software being used! I recently replaced the thermal paste of both the graphics card and the mother board (cpu?) and it is still happening...I have attached 2 TXT Files taken of CPUID monitor results 1) when pc only had 15mins on with only CPUID running 2) When PC had 30mins on with FIREFOX CPUID & ADOBE PREMIERE running ...please help me figure out what's going on. I believe there is a small chance that when I put the thermal paste it leaked outside of the desired area, or also could be the thermal paste that I put has actually gone bad, but it could be something else, you the experts please help me figure this mess out! Thanks!