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ryzen 7 3700x

  1. J

    Most games crashing with new build

    Hey guys, my computer crashes on games such as: Ghost recon: Breaking point, Battlefield 1, War thunder, Rainbow six, Doom etc. But it doesn't crash on CS:GO with maxed out settings. I have tried to reinstall drivers, wipe to a fresh OS etc. Ryzen 7 3700x RTX 2080TI Corsair 3600mhz rgb ram 1tb...
  2. D

    3700x Not working on MY computer.

    Hi, im new to the forum and im searching for help because my computer refuses to boot properly since i upgraded to a 3700x a month ago. Before this i was using a 2200g and it was working perfectly fine, i never had BSOD or any problem of some kind, but paired with my 1660ti it causes a lot of...
  3. A

    Solved Is this configuration enough for a good gaming pc?

    Hello everyone, I was using an Alienware x51 r1 pc for gaming for 8years until the chipset got fried and now Dell says they can't do anything but trash it. I was looking to get a good enough gaming pc assembled. I was looking at the following hardware: 1. AMD RYZON 7 3700X PROCESSOR octacore...