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ram problem

  1. S

    Solved Problems after new ram

    So i've been running with 8 GB ram for the past 3 or 4 years, i bought better graphics card about 2 years ago and since then i could play genshin impact on the best quality settings. 2 weeks ago i bought aditional 32GB (2x16) ram, after 3 tries i put it in correctly and the pc registers it, but...
  2. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved New RAM Acting Weird?

    I just got a new Kingston Fury Renegade 64GB (2x32) 3600 CL18 kit of RAM. I didn't do my research beforehand and this was a bit of an impulse buy. It turns out the kit is not on my mobo's QVL, there ARE Kingston kits but not this particular kit. When first installing the RAM into both (I only...
  3. txymoor

    My gpu and ram are not workin

    Hi, I changed my ram to a new ram but now my gpu and ram are not working, I unplugged the motherboard battery and the ram and it's still not working 😕
  4. D

    Solved PC is using only half of my ram

    Hi, i have this issue with my ram, i have 4x4gb sticks installed in my pc all of them worked fine for 3+ years, but now the pc is using only half of the ram (7.9gb). I tried to update my drivers, reinstalled windows, also tried to only use only 2 sticks on a single and dual channel, then it was...
  5. bartosz bilicki

    why my ram is working on 2133mhz instead of 3200mhz?

    yes i did change it in the bios to profile 1 but when my pc turn on it shows problem and i had to go back to 2133mhz..
  6. H

    Solved Ran put to wrong speed in bios

    I put my ram to 6000mhz when it's 3200mhz and now it won't turn on
  7. Citrus609

    Solved RAM is causing my PC to crash!

    Every so often my PC freezes up and crashes! I don't get a BSoD but my operating system just stops responding. I already replaced the memory once but that still didn't do the trick. Do I need to buy slower and older RAM? I lowered the speed to 2933 MHz and I still get crashes. Lowering the speed...
  8. P

    What causes frequent game crashes?

    I have a Lenovo Legion Y530 laptop, a new 1TB SSD (all of my games on it), and 8GB RAM (around 60% used when idle) + Intel CORE i5 8th Gen, and Nvidia GTX 1050. I have updated all of my drivers, only the game running (no other apps opened), but it keeps crashing. I don't even remember what I've...
  9. B

    Mobo only see a single RAM module

    Mobo: Maximus VII Ranger with i7 I have two RAM sticks: 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (9-9-9-24) The mobo will work with EITHER one fine, but not two, regardless of the slots I use. It displays 55 RAM not found on the LED and cycles trying to configure forever. I also have an old set of...
  10. S

    Ram doesn't work it seems

    I bought this PC in November. It worked great with the 8GB ram in it(Ballistix) and i just added 16GB corsair vengance RGB Pro and removed the old ram. Ever since then, Warzone is so laggy It's unplayable, i rubber-band through walls and freeze. I Took out the new ram and put the old one in and...
  11. B

    Why is my PC running out of RAM?

    Hello, I am new here so apologize if I miss anything required or if this is not the correct thread. I have recently been running into some issues with my memory. I have 4 sticks for a total of 32GB of Corsair DDR4-Pro RGB 2132. I haven't had any issues until just the last week or so. Using my...
  12. itsmadman22

    PC will not boot using dual channel memory but works fine in single channel.

    The other night I was installing my new cpu (i9 9900k), coming from an i7 8700. I knew that all of the hardware in my system was listed to be compatible with this upgrade so I just made sure I got the latest BIOS update and completed the install. However, for some reason after switching to the...
  13. ThelostHunter12

    Solved 16gb but can only use 7.95gb?

    I bought 16gb ram today before I had 8gb. everything went well the computer started went into system information and got to see that I could only use 7.95gb ram but had 16gb installed I have tried to change with msconfig but nothing happens? my pc spec: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600. GPU: Nividia...