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  1. l.bombonati

    In Progress Problem video card and ram

    One month ago, I decided to fix and upgrade my pc, for example, change ram and add a video card. I order a MSI GeForce 1050Ti Gaming X 4gb, I installed it and there were no problems. Problems started when new RAM arrived. Before changing them, there where 4gb (2x2gb) by Corsair; I replaced...
  2. sildaprins

    Solved Trouble after adding additional RAM to my computer

    Hello friends, this is my first post on this forum :) I'm trying to add 4GB RAM to my computer (K20CE), but are facing some challenges: When RAM installed my computer won't boot. Removing it computer boots ok. Grounded myself and checked that RAM was seated firmly in slot. Updating BIOS to...
  3. Axilleas

    RAM upgrade issues

    Since my current system has 4Gb of RAM (single card DDR3 1333Mhz) and according to the leaflet the system has the capability of up to 8Gb of memory, I bought a 2nd memory card, exactly the same with the current memory card. I disconnected all the cables from the tower, pressed the power button...
  4. B

    My computer refuses to boot when I install new ram.

    Whenever i insert the new ram into my slots and attempt to boot my computer it refuses to boot and it plays a long continuous beep from the onboard speaker. i have a ga-ma790gp-ud4h board, the current ram that works is a DDR2 i have bought DDR2 ram i bought 2 sticks of 4gb ram please help
  5. B

    RAM slot not registering

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series Hi all, I just recently picked up two 16 GB sticks of RAM for my laptop. After install I loaded the BIOS and it registered the increase from 8GB to 16GB in DIMM Slot A but didn't in DIMM Slot B. I tried switching the sticks into the opposite slots to no avail. I...
  6. David Williamson

    Dell xps 1647 help

    Hi. I updated my xps 1647 to Windows 10 with no issues. When trying to upgrade to 8 gig ram (2x4gig sticks) but it doesn't seem to want to work. I bought the same make as the RAM that was already in the laptop. I've had to put the 2 gig sticks back in. Any help would be great.
  7. N

    New ram install not working ?

    Hi I'm having a huge problem I have bought like 4 ram sticks all at differ times and they all kept beeping I thought mabe I was getting the wrong kind but I wasn't it's ddr3 and can run 1333mhz and my system can run this to but when ever I try to put new ram in it beeps I have no idea what to do...