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  1. V

    Solved M.2 caused internet to break?

    Hello, recently I got a WD Black Sn850x 4tb M.2 drive for my computer. After putting it in the slot and getting it allocated on my pc I noticed that 5gb internet connections wouldn't show up on the menu, just 2.4. I tried resetting the router, taking the m.2 drive out, updating my drivers...
  2. N

    Router as extender or how to extend WiFi

    Router as extender or how to extend WiFi Hi, please give me a tip how to extend WiFi network that is open , but when you connect to open WiFi ,it requires sing in . I tried to use Tplink Ac750 as extender option, I setup it but when I connect to the router wife with my phone I can't reach this...
  3. Binary

    Solved The internet stopped working. Faulty network card?

    Hello, I'm using Linux as my OS and an ethernet cable to connect to my router. I never experienced problems like this while on Windows unless there happened to be directly trouble with my internet provider. While on Linux Mint I often got disconnected randomly without being able to reconnect...
  4. Vxhnz

    My pc started having network issues after reset

    Hello, I’ve reset my windows 10 5 days ago and once I reset I couldn’t use the internet while being connected. Websites would show messages saying “server IP address could not be found”. After messing with it for a while, my windows network diagnostics says “ your computer appears to be...
  5. A

    Ethernet wall port works, but also doesn't work.

    From my router I have a cat5e cable that runs through the attic to my room and then connects to a wall port. Whenever I plug in an ethernet cable into the port and then directly into my laptop, is does not connect. And the light on the router blinks orange instead of white, or just not at all...
  6. Booq

    Internet not working when Ethernet Connected

    Whenever I plug my Ethernet cable into my wireless router booster, the Network Name is found but just says "No Internet Access" and I can't connect to anything. It was working perfectly fine before and the problem just came out of no where. I have made sure all of my drivers are up to date (all...
  7. CluelessNinja

    Need Some Dell Dimension E521 Setup Help

    Hello Gang, Nice to meet you all! Here is my story...I am currently trying to get my old Dell Dimension E521 up and running again and I am having some trouble...First off, I just replaced my power source completely from the stock it came with to a brand new one I purchased on Ebay ( It's a KDM)...
  8. Flaymose

    Ethernet Help

    My friend and I just moved into an apartment for college and were both looking into setting up our pcs with ethernet. (Sorry if this upcoming part is unclear/confusing) I believe we have some type of fiber line/internet. We have a Nokia modem that has the 10g Lan port light up. We then have an...
  9. Gustas96

    Windows 10 internet issues.

    Hey all, I have experienced strange issue with my laptop Windows 10. While downloading stuff I have noticed that my download speed is way lower than measured by speedtest.net. So while I was in network settings I changed my network type from public to private and the speed increased from...
  10. S

    Ram doesn't work it seems

    I bought this PC in November. It worked great with the 8GB ram in it(Ballistix) and i just added 16GB corsair vengance RGB Pro and removed the old ram. Ever since then, Warzone is so laggy It's unplayable, i rubber-band through walls and freeze. I Took out the new ram and put the old one in and...
  11. K

    Solved internet works but games wont :pls help

    I recently bought a new laptop and installed some games they will start but won’t let me get into a match, it says it is a connection to server issue. I have a 100mb download and 5upload speed. It works very well on chrome and everything exept the game. I deleted norton becuase another forum...
  12. HolzstockG

    Certain websites don't work on both OS

    Hello there! I'm having for several days a sudden problem - I can not run lots of websites on Windows 10 without a reason. After plugging my smartphone to a computer I have changed in Windows to its internet and then I could open them, but problem still occurs on my main internet that computer...
  13. TamasX553

    Bad Internet

    The internet service provider has recently connected an optical internet network to our apartment. The router is called Fiberhome AN5506-02. The apartment has a computer and a notebook. The router has 2 LAN ports, of which I can only use one at a time. It is connected to the computer via an...
  14. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Did GTA V break My Internet?

    So every since downloading and installing GTA V from Steam my internet is basically broken. It is taking forever for pages to load, if they load at all, mostly it takes forever then says sever error, or server can't be reached. My connection seems to go out sporadically, and just overall it...
  15. T

    internet works, but on some app it doesnt correctly

    i really need help asap, the programs i want to use it not working at all
  16. J

    Unsolvable "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" Problem...?

    In all my years of owning a computer and browsing the internet, this has been the most persistent, confusing, and unbelievably frustrating problem I have ever encountered. I have never experienced anything like this, and I have never had such profound difficulty diagnosing a computer problem...
  17. FrustratedAkayami

    ReCAPTCHAs do not work in ANY browser, some buttons are not functioning

    For months now I have not been able to see ReCAPTCHAs on any web browser, this includes chrome (newest version), firefox, internet explorer and opera. I am able to see some CAPTCHAs, but not reCAPTCHAS that require you to click on images and check "I am not a robot." I also have issues with...
  18. Malnutrition

    How to run a speed test.

    How to run a speed test. This guide is aimed at showing you how to run a speed test on your device. If you are paying for a service, then you will want to know that you are getting what you are paying for. Be weary though, the internet companies that provide you service, also provide speed test...
  19. T

    Internet Quits after Two Seconds of Connectivity

    So I got a new computer for Christmas and it worked fine and was really happy about the whole thing. I loaded into the computer and the internet worked perfectly fine the moment. I downloaded steam and chrome and signed in. After downloading for about two seconds my connection was lost and the...
  20. B

    Solved Windows 10 laptop almost everything isn't working please help!

    So yesterday I went on my laptop as per usual and noticed that all of a sudden I wasn't connected to the WiFi. I then saw that it was on airplane mode so when I tried to turn that off it wouldn't and still won't, I searched up almost every kind of way to turn it off and it won't. Then I thought...