How to run a speed test.

How to run a speed test.

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How to run a speed test.

This guide is aimed at showing you how to run a speed test on your device. If you are paying for a service, then you will want to know that you are getting what you are paying for. Be weary though, the internet companies that provide you service, also provide speed test sites on the net. They will often show you how to run a speed test, by linking you to their site; which I found to work heavily in their favor. Well, you click this link to learn how to run a speed test, so let's get busy shall we.

First, I will list a few sites that you can go to, so that you can run a speed test on your device.

Xfinity Speed Test.
Ookla Speed Test.
Spectrum Speed Test.
At&T Speed Test.
CenturyLink Speed Test.

Here are some independent sites, that are not controlled by the Internet Service Provider Giants. Which will give you a more accurate speed test result.

TestMySpeed Speed Test. Speed Test.
TestMyNet Speed Test.
Bandwidth Speed Test.

Having an updated flash player prior to running a speed test on your device.

Next this you should know, you will most likely need an updated version of Adobe Flash Player to run most of these speed test. I suggest that you use PatchMyPc, or Nnite to do this. I would personally not install an update, if is offered at one of these speed test sites.

Some things to consider prior to running a speed test on your device.
  • You will want to make sure that no one else is online when you run the speed test.
  • You will want to only have one tab open, and games engines like steam disabled.
  • If you are using a VPN service then I'd suggest that you disable that as well.
  • To get an accurate reading; I suggest multiple test from an independent site, and your ISP site.

Are you being throttled by your internet service provider?

If you are getting what you pay for only from the ISP sites speed test and wonder why the internet is slow....
If you are able to stream sites that are owned by the internet companies such as Comcast owns Netflix,
then you are being throttled. There is a way around that my friend. It's called a VPN and there is a free one that will allow you to bypass the throttles imposed on you by the greedy ISP.

Setup VPN
How do I speed up my internet after a less than favorable speed test?

I have also written an internet tune up guide, you can read more on that by clicking here. Consider running through the steps of the internet guide, if your internet is lagging. As always. PCHF provides free help for your computer, so why not sign up and post your question today, it's free and friendly. So why not join one of the fastest growing computer help forums on the net.
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