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fps drop

  1. L


    Hey. For the past few days. I have been dealing with some major stuttering. When i startup my pc, everything is fine. After maybe 20/30 minutes, my fps drops to 1 and my pc becomes unusable. It started a few days after i Updated my driver. Im almost certain that the problem is my driver. The...
  2. Argetlam565

    Pc Extreme Lag

    Please Help I don’t know much about computers. I tried putting new ram (32GB(4X 8GB) DDR3L/DDR3 1600MHz) in my pc and after that my computer became super laggy and its performance is unstable. I thought the new ram wasn’t working out so I took them out and put back the old ram (16GB (4X 4GB)...
  3. H

    help - low FPS

    my fps have randomly gone down the gutter and i have no idea whats going on. i open a game with 60fps and it rapidly goes down to like 7fps. im thinking its my gpu but i have no idea what im talking about. it was literally fine two days ago.
  4. crackedduck

    Bad performance gaming

    So I’ve had this issue for awhile and I think I know the culprit(s). I have a 2080 ti from asus it’s the rog strix edition. Paired with a 8700k and 64gb of ddr4 ram oc at 3200. My issue is I get bad frame rate drops in 1080p and 1440p so it’s not a gpu render issue I took these screen shots...
  5. R

    huge Fps drop when playing games, even in small games on Gaming Laptop

    Hello, so basically i have my Gaming Laptop for 2 Years now. Its a Legion 5 with GTX 1650 and Ryzen 7. It can handle pretty big games with pretty good fps but since a couple of months playing on my Laptop feels like playing on a laptop made in McDonalds. My Laptop got alot slower all of a...
  6. G

    Dropping FPS in-game.

    Hi! PC Specs AMD Ryzen 7 3800x 16 GB RAM Samsung 850 Evo 250GB RTX 2070 Super So my problem in short is that im dropping FPS while playing games (league of legends) and this make the game stutter alot, this problem occurs especially when i have a stream on my other screen at the same time...
  7. Lucas Kohli

    All games run at 240 fps, Valorant running at only 10 FPS as of 3 days ago

    I get 240 fps on every game I play, but the last two days I've fired up Valorant (it is the only game with this issue) and it has been unplayable and hasn't surpassed 10 fps once, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I've updated drivers, and all of the other basic fixes, with no solution.
  8. M

    Warzone FPS Issues - Pls help

    So I am trying to play Warzone on my pc, my specs are: - CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x - RAM: 16GB Corsair - Graphics Card: 12GB NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3060 - 1TB HHD SEAGATE BARRACUDA - 1TB SSD I also have 2 monitors, one for my gameplay and one for my chat etc when i stream. I have tried going onto my...
  9. N

    Help please ! Suddenly my FPS dropped to 100 from 250 in csgo and valorant

    So I built a new PC like 1,5 years ago and its been running smoothly. Playing mostly CS:GO and Valorant, running them on 250 fps no problem without any real fps drops. But yesterday I bought a new Monitor to replace my former first monitor. New monitor is Samsung Odyssey G3 S27AG304NU ( 144hz...
  10. P

    low fps in all games

    ive been getting very low fps in all games and idk why ive tried everything i can find on the internet but no fixes at all specs Ryzen 7 2700x Rtx 2070 32gb ddr4 ram Gigabyte aorus ultra gaming motherboard
  11. Y

    strange fps drops

    Hello guys this is kinda strange for me, im having fps drop every single game like every 10 minutes of game for expample if im capped on 140 fps it drops to 100 and for this moment its unplayable if you playing cs go or lol and its very annoying u know... someone with same problem? i tried...
  12. Sina Salehi


    Hi! I have a really really weird issue. I lunch any game(even the games i hit the recommended specs!),For a few minutes the fps is okay,But after a few minutes my fps drops to 1-2. My laptop can run Gta V easily(as mentioned in the benchmarks) But i have the same issue with 1 chunk at Minecraft...
  13. M

    FPS Drop in ALL Games... No-one knows why.

    So, I recently bought an Alienware Aurora R12, about 4 months ago, and I recently started having major performance issues but only in video games. I always wanted to have a nice PC, so after saving up for over a month I bought one. It was amazing from the day I got it, up until about 2-3 weeks...
  14. L

    Solved How do I optimize my GPU to get it's maximum performance?

    If there's anyone here that can help me out here it will be highly appreciated. I am currently using a Lenovo Legion Y530 15"inch which has a Nvidia GTX 1060 but I have performance which is nowhere close to 1060 benchmarks. I am told it is a 1060 6GB but I dont know how to see the GPU Ram since...
  15. Moonuela

    Huge FPS drops when playing, never happened before

    I play League of Legends and lately i have huge FPS drops from 120 fps to 40, and it's really frequent, it makes me angry and i can't play properly. I really don't know much about computers, usually i try searching the internet for help and here's what i already tried doing and none of these...
  16. Cham

    Constant fps drop

    Not sure if im in the correct section for this but i find my laptop to have constant fps drop when plying more demanding games like Control and Godfall. The fps drop from 60fps to 10fps every few minutes and it stays at 10fps for i would say about 5 seconds everytime it happens, this doesnt...
  17. C

    FPS Drops

    So I recently started to get FPS spikes while I was in-game (Almost every game). I thought it might have been my PC overheating, so I downloaded 'CoreTemp' to check the temperatures will gaming. Generally, all of my cores temps were between 38 and 55 °C. But sometimes all of my core...
  18. E

    Low FPS on Minecraft with ( I think ) good specs

    In the beginning: Sorry for my bad english. I'll try my best to make everything clear in english, but my motherlanguage isn't english, sorry for that... So when I try to play Minecraft Singleplayer or also Multiplayer, I experience to have very low FPS. As said in the Title, I think my PC...
  19. huntistheone

    One game ONLY runs when laptop is plugged into external monitor

    I have recently ran into an issue with a game (SMT Nocturne HD Remaster). I was able to play it perfectly using only my laptop screen for a week or so, but then I plugged it into an external monitor and played it. Since then it will only run when it is plugged into the external display. All...
  20. Viper7

    Solved Random FPS drops

    Hello, I've had this problem for several months now. Its a bit weird. First Here's my specs : Acer Nitro 5 AN515 16GB RAM Intel core i5 8th gen Geforce GTX 1050 SSD The problem is : I'm losing FPS in every games (even UNO o_o) but randomly. I can play for like 20min with 60fps and then...