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Restore your corrupted or missing Windows HOSTS file.

Restore your corrupted or missing Windows HOSTS file. 2.0

Do you have a missing, or corrupted hosts file? This short guide is a about a handy tool to restore your hosts file to default which then may also allow you reach websites previously inaccessible. The app is called RSTHOSTS and is available HERE. It comes as a tiny portable application meaning no install is required and therefore no files are scattered througout your system. Download it from one of the above links and save the executable file to somewhere you can find later, the desktop would be an excellent choice. Once downloaded to the desktop a new icon will be created.

To run RSTHOSTS right click the desktop icon and select "Run as Administrator" from the menu, and if you see any security warnings, or the user account control box displays, you can safely allow the app to run. Upon opening the app will show the following dialogue box, click on "Restaurer" which is French for restore.


Click OK on the next box, which is telling you the restore was successful.


That's it, your hosts file has been restored to its default settings. You can also get a report showing the contents of your hosts file, either before or after restoration, and without changing anything in it by clicking the "Creer un rapport" from the apps opening dialogue. It will then display a hosts contents report on your screen.

If you decide later you do not want the app anymore, to remove it simply delete the executable file from your desktop and it's completely gone:)

As usual should you need any more information on this nifty app, or any other computer question then please do not hesitate to ask on our forums.
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