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  1. T

    Audio Issues using audio interface

    Hey there! I'm having some very annoying and frustrating problems with my sound output options on my laptop. I'm a recording musician, and I recently got a new laptop second hand from a friend. It's been factory reset and I've installed my ProTools onto it. I use a usb interface (Avid Fast...
  2. F

    Solved USB Device not recognized.

    Hello, couple of days ago i've first encountered this problem. After long time use of my ps4 controller to play some games on my pc without any problems, one time after i tried plugging the controller in the USB port, as i always did, it refused to work, and "USB Device Not Recognized" message...
  3. Z

    Green background problem

    Hello everyone, I bought a new laptop today for school. It is an Acer Aspire 5. It has no disc reader so I used an USB cd/dvd reader to install a program to use my printer. After everything was installed I wanted to eject the USB but couldnt find it with the "eject safely button". So I just...
  4. P

    Laptop cannot detect USB wireless mouse...

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong thread! Onto the problem... My laptop has been having many troubles, ever since I started using it; when I first started, it would crash everyday ranging from every 30 seconds to every 2 hours. Which there was no warning for the crashes, either...
  5. AgGentleman

    PC Case Cables

    Sorry for the NOOB question, but im new to PC's and i recently got a new case (Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L ) and moved my PC parts into it. all good until i was just about finished the cable management when i realised my motherboard did not have the correct port for the usb and hd audio...
  6. A

    Afpaawt introduction

    Hi all, I'm afpaawt, 28 years old, and I go to migrate programs/apps from c:/ to d:/ on my two computers, with Easeus Todo pc trans, I have also boot errors on my bootables usb multiboot (sardu)/linux live (xubuntu, ubuntu mate, ...) devices in common to two computer On my desktop w10 x64...
  7. J

    Desktop USBs not working

    Hey, Not sure if this goes here or somewhere else. Got a Lenovo H330 and on startup I can enter BIOS and do what I need to. Problem I have it when I get to the Windows login page the keyboard and USBs don't work. I've tried other keyboards and mouse's. The pc did start up asking if I wanted to...
  8. S

    Mouse/keyboard won't work when installing windows

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to install windows through a bootable USB but my mouse and keyboard won't work when I enter the install screen. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  9. T

    Issue with installing Windows!

    Hello everyone so I am struggling to install Windows on my new built PC. This thread is going to be long and I apologize. I built my new PC yesterday and it took couple hours. Then I tried figuring out how to install Windows for a couple more hours. In total about 12... So my motherboard is an...
  10. vger

    Solved HP 15-1033

    Ok my son is trying to downgrade his sisters laptop which has Win 8.1 on it. She says it was working correctly the last time she shut the thing down.. Now.. he is down degrading it to Win 7,but when he started working on it he found that the usb drivers are missing as well as the lan drivers...