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  1. CheeseToastie

    IRST issue

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology problem Hello, so basically my problem is, in my PC I have a 1tb m.2 and a 2tb m.2. Windows is installed on the 1tb. In the bios my 1tb shows as normal but my 2tb shows up as 2.1GB if IRST is disabled. If IRST is ENABLED then it’s shows up in the BIOS as 2048GB...
  2. jbaker33

    2nd M.2 drive disconnects randomly while gaming

    When I play games off of my 2nd NVME drive the game will crash randomly and the drive will disconnect. When relaunching game will not launch. I will do a system restart and the drive of the game will disconnect so files will not be found. This is all through steam but every file on that drive...
  3. ThePiePieper

    3 dead Kingston NVMes in 1 year...why?

    I built a new AMD rig back at the end of 2022, all my specs and parts below. And since then, I've had my boot drive die 3 times. I have been using the Kingston KC3000 1GB as my boot drive and can't find anything, anywhere as to why or how it would die 3 times. I've OCed the CPU through BIOs (3.5...
  4. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Cloning M.2 drive to Another M.2 drive Using Macrium?

    I am planning on moving my OS to a larger capacity m.2 nvme drive. It is currently on a m.2 nvme drive. I have a m.2 drive external enclosure which I plan on using. I haven't used Macrium in a long time to clone a drive so I can't remember what the process was, but is it possible to clone my OS...
  5. C

    Why cant I get windows 10 to boot from my m.2 NVME drive?

    Specs: CPU = AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz RAM = 32 GB Corsair Dominator Motherboard = Rox Strix X570 - E Gaming Memory = WD_Black SN850 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD GPU = AMD XFX x570 Hello again, I have posted about this not too long ago but was in the process of finishing...
  6. V

    Solved M.2 caused internet to break?

    Hello, recently I got a WD Black Sn850x 4tb M.2 drive for my computer. After putting it in the slot and getting it allocated on my pc I noticed that 5gb internet connections wouldn't show up on the menu, just 2.4. I tried resetting the router, taking the m.2 drive out, updating my drivers...
  7. C

    Why wont Windows load feom m.2 NVME SSD?

    I've installed windows 10 onto my SSD. It was a clean install. After restarting I expect to be able to see my m.2 as a bootable drive but I do not. I've disabled CSM and have tried a few other basic steps following a few tutorials but nothing works. Can someone please help?
  8. C

    Having strange error on pc cant tell if its due to components or windows error

    I recently decided to overclock my ram by using msi's memory try it! . I overclocked it and when the pc restarted i got automated fix message and then says pc couldn't be fixed. I decided to go into advanced troubleshooting and running a diagnosis and I got the error (srttrail.txt.) that was...
  9. Brandon Byrnes

    Setting up a Cache Drive?

    I have a couple regular 7200rpm HDDs (one internal and two external). I would like to setup an old 250GB Samsung M.2 NVME drive as a cache drive for those HDDs. First I was wondering is it possible to use one drive as a cache drive for multiple drives? Second I was wondering is it possible to...
  10. D

    Question About m.2 SSD

    Hey guys, so I recently built myself my first gaming pc with the help of some friends. I am considering buying an m.2 ssd, as what I have right now is a 3TB Hard Drive but I heard SSDs are quite efficient. My question is this: if I install an m.2 ssd onto my motherboard, do I need to install my...
  11. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved How to clone one M.2 NVME drive to another M.2 NVME drive?

    I just purchased a new motherboard with two M.2 NVME slots (MSI B550 MPG Gaming Plus), one of those slots is PCIe 4.0, so I decided to upgrade my M.2 drive to a higher capacity and faster PCIe 4.0 drive. But now I need to clone my old M.2 drive to the new M.2 drive. I was wondering is it as...
  12. Domthebomb3

    Anyone know why my M.2 isn't working?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 500gb Samsung 970 Evo Plus for my build and spent 3 hours installing it with no avail. At first i thought i might not be putting it in all the way, but i tried several times and it seems like thats not the case. It seems to be in all it can go. When i go into...