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  1. DeDastoss

    PC Crashes win 10

    Hello. My name is Dom. And i've had this problem since before corona started so it's been a while. And before that everything was okay and all. And after a while my PC started to crash and crash and crash. And i don't know the problem and i still cannot find the problem. I've reinstalled PC...
  2. J


    I need this for school and I am out of options. I broke this computer down and meticulously cleaned the fans and vents, as well as changed the thermal paste. Still the fan begin to run crazy as if systems overheating and then just freezes and I have to power off and back on. Same thing...
  3. O

    Computer Stutters

    Hello, I recently started having a more major issue where my computer will stutter or continue to stutter when loading anything(I believe). It causes the entire system to pause for a few seconds, where the mouse stops responding, video playback will sometimes stutter, and audio will usually cut...
  4. throwawayaccountnumber1

    Very odd problem

    So I am having a very weird problem and I can not find anything about it online. I dont even know what to search for. So My problem is that whenever I am playing Wow Classic and open something like Netflix or Prime video etc. on my 2nd monitor. I start to have ~2 seconds freeze/blackscreen...

    My PC keeps Crashing While Gaming.

    Whenever I try playing a game on my gaming PC, I can play for a few minutes but then I hear a loud pop come through my headphones, my screen freezes, my peripherals all turn off, and I am forced to hard reset my computer. I tried running an SFC check, dusting my computer, updating my drivers...
  6. AlienJuice

    Solved My pc does a strange lag once or twice a day, every day I use it.

    Hi, I seriously need help. My pc makes a strange lake lasting a few seconds accompanied by an audio that buzzes (in the video u can't hear it bc i recorded it with my phone for send it at a technichian. He can't help me, anyway, the audio buzzes likes the sounds is on lag too), it does it only...
  7. MareGuster

    What is the problem with my pc?

    So usually when I play a game, after some time (sometimes after 10 mins, sometimes after 1h) my PC (specs at the end)decides to randomly freeze. Just like that. The screen is shown to me but the system, game and OS included is unresponsive. I am forced to do a BUTTON RESTART, which I hate cuz it...
  8. Electro

    Issue with cursor movement

    I've changed my motherboard and cpu recently and since then I've been having some issues with some of my games and my tablet device. Whenever I move my mouse cursor heavily, my game freezes for a really short amount of time... however when I keep moving the cursor it keeps freezing. I've read...
  9. T

    Solved Iobit programs, pc freezes

    Hello, I installed the iobit advanced care and iobit defrag 6 applications on my pc. after this the computer ran well but after a few days, it started to freeze and slowly start up. when my computer freezes, things will definitely freeze most of the time, sometimes everything. But for example...
  10. B

    My computer freezes after 5-10 min when i install new RAM

    Hi, so i recently wanted to upgrade my stationary computer from 8 gb DDR4-2400 mhz corsair Vengeance LPX with an identical copy to a total of 16 gb of RAM. However whenever i install the new RAM my computer will recognize the two sticks and boot correctly, however after 5-10 minutes of running...
  11. panogv

    Newly built PC continuously crashes

    I recently built a PC with a Ryzen 7 2700 RX 590 gpu, 16 gb ram ddr4 and gigabyte b450m ds3h. As for storage I installed my old HDD (that had windows installed) and 970 EVO Plus m2 ssd. At the begining I booted form the old HDD but despite installing new drivers windows crashed all the time so I...
  12. M

    Pc keeps crashing at windows boot screen

    My pc dosent boot normally only in safe mode i noticed that if i delete temp files and prefetch.The pc will boot normaly without any problems And works good without problems but if i try to update my nvidia drivers suddenly freezes and im not able to boot It freezes on the three dots what may...
  13. Fossilmars

    The Ultimate Stutter Problem

    So I've had the most annoying fps stutter issues recently. I've tried everything (literally). So it's a normal sounding issue with a seemingly simple fix. While playing my game seems to have lag spikes that cause my game to drop to almost under 20 frames. Last about 2 seconds mostly, every...