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  1. S

    Boot Failure Error Code: 0xc0000001

    Whenever I try to boot Windows 10 from my SSD, I get a blue screen with the error code 0xc0000001. I've tried all of the troubleshoot options on the screen, but nothing has helped, and I can't boot in safe mode. I can, however, use command prompt. The Windows 10 installation on my old HDD still...
  2. snaggler

    Boot, but no BIOS

    Hi, In a bit of conundrum and looking for some advice from the more experienced. Already having more issues with this build than with any previous. The debug lights on the MOBO only get past VRAM when I only use one of the RAM slots (I've tried both chips in each slot and both work in the one...
  3. J

    PC Takes Forever to Boot Programs

    Seeking some help I'm having with my PC. I recently reformatted to start fresh after upgrading a few parts, including adding a new SSD. Everything works great, PC boots up quickly and everything. The only issue I have is that it takes literally 3-5 minutes to load anything for the first time...
  4. L

    I set up my external hard drive as active and now my OS wont start

    Hi everybody, I'm not an expert about this, and I really need some help. I'll try to add as much details as I can about the problem. Thank you in advance! So, I wanted to transfer some files from my External Hard Drive to my PC but when I plugged the External Hard Drive on the PC (Windows 10)...
  5. N

    Laptop quickly shuts off if built-in keyboard connected

    I'm troubleshooting a laptop whose keyboard has a power button on it. The laptop immediately shuts off after showing the ASUS logo but before the BIOS/UEFI becomes available. However, it boots successfully if I pull the keyboard connector from the motherboard immediately after powering it on...
  6. ghasemi73

    Computer Boot Problem

    Hi everyone I assembled a computer system about 3 months ago Yesterday, while I was working on the computer, the system crashed and the mouse and keyboard did not work. After the reset with the reset key on the case, the system reset but my Windows did not load and remained on the Windows load...
  7. Brother-Captain Diomedes

    Solved Desktop wont boot but has power

    Hi guys, wondering if you can help on this one it really stumped me: Last night my desktop PC suddenly turned off during use and now wont turn off again, I have had the system as is for about 5 years and haven't had a notable problem like this since a RAM stick died about 3 years ago. Specs...
  8. H

    PC doesn´t boot into windows properly

    Hi everyone, first of all, thanks for helping people with their issues :) As stated, my PC doesn´t boot properly. My PC doesn´t boot into windows; Upon starting my PC, the gigabyte logo of my mainboard appears for a few seconds, after which I get a black screen and the PC reboots; I hear a...
  9. 0

    Devices does not come up in boot menu

    My ssd, hard drive and USB does not seem to come up in the Boot menu or boot priority. It says it can't find any bootable devices when I press "Boot menu". But it does recognise the devices in the middle of the screen.
  10. C

    ASUS ROG G56JK extremely long POST time, weird sounds from optical drive

    Hello ! My ASUS laptop developed a very strange and annoying problem for the last couple of months. When I start the laptop from a cold boot it takes a very long time ( raging between 5 to 15 mins ) to actually get to the Windows loading. I know when I first start to boot a pc it does it's...
  11. H

    HELP! Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device ERROR

    Thank you in advance. I have just finished building my PC (specs below), and get into ASUS BIOS. The BIOS recognises all the hardware, and everything works seamlessly. The problem appears when I click boot from Sandisk USB (ExFat) to boot up Windows 10 (downloaded onto the USB from a macbook)...
  12. P

    Recurring PC Post/Boot Problem

    Hello again, I previously posted regarding post screen issues. I was able to take it to a computer store who was able to solve the issues that the computer was having and it was able to post. I took it home and installed windows, drivers etc. However, after doing cable management, reseating ram...
  13. sildaprins

    Solved Trouble after adding additional RAM to my computer

    Hello friends, this is my first post on this forum :) I'm trying to add 4GB RAM to my computer (K20CE), but are facing some challenges: When RAM installed my computer won't boot. Removing it computer boots ok. Grounded myself and checked that RAM was seated firmly in slot. Updating BIOS to...
  14. S


    So I finally brought my Asus pc out of the closet and set it up again, only to find it in a boot loop. (Keeps starting up and turning off within 30 seconds) I've taken apart my pc at this point, and cleanup out all dust from the fans, boards, etc. All fans turn on including fan for power core...
  15. gezkfir

    Cant start windows after ssd replacement

    Hey guys, so I have this desktop "hp 280 g1 mt business pc" and I decided to switch its ram and add an SSD, all was in working order until I tried to move windows from the HDD to the new SSD by fresh windows install. I made a boot flash drive and went through the process, it all looked good but...
  16. shaky98

    Dell support assist checks fans on boot up

    i got a new gaming case a month back or so and i moved everything into it. ive changed many components but the motherboard/bios is still dell. the fans now run through my new case as i can control them separately. however dell support assist runs every time i turn on my computer and i cant find...
  17. M

    Issue with my boot.

    I have an issue when turning on my pc. The asus mobo logo appears but the little circle that spins does not appear. My pc will only boot to my bios, and it says that there is no hard drive connected, however, my hard drive is connected to both the motherboard and psu (obviously) it also says...
  18. A

    Boot device problem??

    So I happened to turn my computer on to this? Anybody know what I have to do to get my pc up and running again?
  19. A

    PC audio+visual stutters & boot failure

    Hey folks, I have the following problem: on my gaming PC (specs below) I sometimes get frame drops and audio distortion ('metallic', choppy sound) while in-game (Overwatch, Shadow of the Tomb Raider). The issue persists even if I quit the game, a reboot (usually, at times you need several)...
  20. Greenkorb

    Copying ssd and now will not boot

    So I bought a ssd 500gb and I copied my hhd to my ssd. My hhd only hade 300gb on it out of 1tb so I copied it using a coping software called EaseUs. So I tried to boot of the ssd alone and it wont boot I even went into the bios and changed it to 1st boot changed it on the order and everything I...