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  1. T

    Boot problems on dell latitude e6230 laptop

    Hey guys, been trying to fix this for months now. I updated my laptop (dell latitude e6230) a while ago on windows 10 and on startup it crashed. I then found that the PC wouldn't boot again to homescreen. This would have been fine but when I went to the auto repair feature that also got stuck...
  2. S

    Can't change boot sequence - Windows 7 Lenovo D20

    I have a Lenovo D20 that my dad gave me but he doesn't remember the password so I'm looking to install a fresh copy of Windows from a USB but I don't know how to do it. When I get into the bios I see Main, Devices, Startup, Advanced, Security, Power, TPM State, Exit. Under those menus I can't...
  3. J

    Windows 10 does not boot

    Dear Forum users, firstly, i want to apologize, if i wrote this topic in the wrong section. Today, i was installing an update to Fortnite (popular PC game). After 2 hours of installation, i decided to turn on Google Chrome. When I did so, whole computer freezed and i had to turn it off manually...
  4. A

    pc 1 (bis): NTLDR missed on my win7 notebook

    Hi Phil poser ans malnutrition, My win7 laptop crashes into à "missing NTLDR presse ctrl+alt+del" message, Makes the desktop inaccessible Thanks...
  5. Arixxon

    Complex - Drives and Memory randomly disappears, freezes, unable to install windows

    Hello, I have a huge and complex problem. My lame assumption is its caused by Motherboard. But I'm not a pro so I ask you: First, history of the problem: I bought this PC in 2014, after 5 months my software equalizer stopped working so I checked why, and in hardware list my soundcard was listed...
  6. PeterT

    Solved Can`t enter bios settings menu

    Hi, I have a Nas PC, (MSI H61M-P20(G3) motherboard, an Intel i3-3220, 6GB DDR3 RAM, Two 1TB WD HDD and a 16GB Pendrive for the OS, and using the integrated gpu) which had OpenMediaVault installed to it. Yesterday i purchased a TP-Link TG-3468 gigabit PCIE card. I shut down the pc, put in the...
  7. mawlol

    Closed/Inactive Reinstall

    Hello, today I've tried to reinstall windows (I got adware on PC that I just can't figure it out how to remove) so im forced to do reinstall. Basicly what I did I made a bootable USB from ISO using "Windows 7 USB dw download tool" and when I tried to put in BIOS to boot from USB all of the...
  8. MrSadPants

    Trying to boot windows from external hard drive to my new ssd, but i have no down button to select.

    i have no down button to select my external hard drive in the boot menu. Is the only way forward to replace the keyboard? I have tried pressing all sorts of keys but it seems the only one that works for down is the one im missing. Also, will getting a new keyboard mean that I will have to...
  9. W

    Pc won't boot

    so I started having an issue with my pc freezing yesterday and had been trying to do a system restore on it but it kept failing. Then last night after booting into Windows it froze again so I forced a shut down holding power for 5 seconds. I come back today to try and fix it but the pc will not...
  10. X

    Dual Partition: Mac OS X (MacbookPro) and Linux Kali

    Hey there, I know there is tons of information out there, but I might just be doing something wrong. I can't boot into Linux after installing it. I have a 250 GB SSD and 2 primary, HFS+ partitions (recovery and Mac OS X), 1 primary, ext4 partition (for Linux) and a swap area. After the...