In Progress Odd bitlocker issue on multiple drives

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John Lockwood

PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jun 11, 2017
Hello all,

I am running the latest Windows 10 64bit. I tried to post my PC Parts Picker list, but the forums won't let me. Marks it as spam.

I'm running the Threadripper 1950x cpu with a gigabyte x399 Aorus gaming 7 board. 32 gigs of TridentZ ram from G.Skill.

I am having an odd random issue. I have 6 internal hard drives on my machine. 3 SSD's (two are M.2 - one Samsung 950 Pro @ 500GB, the other is WD 2tb and the 3rd is a WD 2TB Sata SSD), and 5 standard HDDs. I run a small project studio where I have people in and out all the time, so on 3 of my drives I have them Bitlocked so the can not be accessed by randoms.

Sometimes, not all the time, I will go to unlock 1 of the 3 drives, or sometimes I'll try and unlcok all of them, and I will put in my password to unlock it, go to open the drive and get a (drive letter) not accessible/ The parameter is incorrect." Sometimes I can unlock all the drives with no issues, sometimes 2 of the drives will unlock but not the third (in no order). Sometimes all of them unlock. It seems to happen at random. Once I do a system reboot, I can usually unlock the drives without issues.

Is there something that I can look into to what could be causing this? Like I said, its at random and doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes all the drives have issues when I try and unlock them, sometimes only one or two do it. Mix and match kind of deal. I have the latest Windows 10 installed. This happened before and after I did a recent fresh Windows install.

I have Hard Disk Sentinel rubbing at all times where it says everything is fine on all drives, and nothing is overclocked. 2 of the drives are recently new.

Any advice or possible tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
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