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  1. DirtyHarry

    Windows 10 Bitlocker SSD not working

    Hi all! My bitlocker stop working. The windows start restore process, but it stuck every time. I have enter password to decrypt SSD, but it's stuck on 45% for whole day. The SSD is Sabrent Rocket 2 TB https://ssdrive.net/sabrent-rocket-nvme-40-2-tb and looking to official site, there is no...
  2. C

    Replace SSD in Bitlocked laptop

    Hi, I've got my daughter-in-law's old laptop that's Bitlocked and she forgotten the Bitlock Key and Recovery Key. She doesn't care about any data on the existing hard drive and just wants to replace it to get the laptop working again. I put in a new SSD in but am still asked for the Bitlocker...
  3. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Cloning M.2 drive to Another M.2 drive Using Macrium?

    I am planning on moving my OS to a larger capacity m.2 nvme drive. It is currently on a m.2 nvme drive. I have a m.2 drive external enclosure which I plan on using. I haven't used Macrium in a long time to clone a drive so I can't remember what the process was, but is it possible to clone my OS...
  4. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Using BitLocker in Windows 11 Recovery Mode?

    I am currently decrypting a drive that I had BitLocker enabled on. It has been decrypting for going on 24 hrs now and it's only on 82% complete. I have read on a couple of websites that a way to speed this up is to pause decrypting, boot into recovery mode and resume decrypting in recovery mode...
  5. Brandon Byrnes

    BitLocker Settings for External Drive

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but, I have BitLocker enabled on a external HDD. Everytime I plug it in two windows pop up basically sayng the drive is not accessable. Then I have to close them and go in This PC, click on the locked drive to get the Window to enter my password...
  6. John Lockwood

    Odd bitlocker issue on multiple drives

    Hello all, I am running the latest Windows 10 64bit. I tried to post my PC Parts Picker list, but the forums won't let me. Marks it as spam. I'm running the Threadripper 1950x cpu with a gigabyte x399 Aorus gaming 7 board. 32 gigs of TridentZ ram from G.Skill. I am having an odd random issue...
  7. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved BitLocker for Second Drive

    I have BitLocker edabled on my C drive and would like to enable it on my second D drive that I use for storage but when I go into BitLocker settings I only see the option to encrypt my primary C drive. How can I enable BitLocker on my second D drive? Also before I enabled BitLocker I had it...