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Computer Being Monitored?

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PCHF Member
May 10, 2023
For the past few weeks or months I've noticed both an increase in the quantity of spam email plus the fact that they seem to be targeted by subject matter. Specifically, if I run a Google search for "health insurance" I'll subsequently get a bunch of health insurance spam emails, if I click on a Facebook post about gardening I'll subsequently get a bunch of spam emails having something to do with gardening, if I open a website about music I'll subsequently get a bunch of spam emails about music. Not that the emails themselves necessarily are all that relevant to these topics; as often as not it's just the subject line that mentions the topic and then the email itself is gibberish or something generic.

It certainly appears something is aware of what I'm doing on my computer. If all it ever did were generate these emails I could live with that, as I just delete them without clicking on anything in them. I'd still prefer to get rid of it, but it's not a huge deal. But I'm wondering if it could get worse. If it really can monitor what I do on my computer, does that mean it can get my passwords or do anything else more dangerously malicious like that?
@Craig223 i apologize for the delay. If you still need assistance, please post the logs required.

Not open for further replies.