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  1. Rant

    Solved Performance problems with my setup

    Hello! This is my first post in PCHF :) I got a custom PC in November of 2018. I have been using it for gaming, studying and usual tasks and had no problems with it for many years. I have played games like Dishonored, Dead Island, DMC Devil May Cry, Borderlands, Fortnite, all Batman Arkham...
  2. C

    MSI Katana GF66 11UE TEMP ISSUES

    Long story short, i used to play Warzone 1 and my laptop Temp sat at around 86 degrees I now play Warzone 2 and the laptop is now arouns 05 degrees no matter what i do, I am very new to gaming on my laptop so any help is appreciated
  3. RetroAech

    CPU Temps Looping/Repeating

    Hello! TL:DR - Reapplied Thermal Paste and now my CPU temps are looping/repeating 10 degrees at a time, nonstop at idle. according to third party software. 58c, 57c, 56c, 55c, 54c, 53c, 52c, 51c, 50c, 49c, 48c, 58c, 57c, 56c ... etc My BIOS shows a steady temp. I just built my very first PC...
  4. W

    Solved High CPU usage and temperature after cleaning

    My CPU usage is unusually high since I cleared all the dust out from my case (there was a lot). Just opening any web page consistently shoots it up to between 25-45% and while this happens the fan gets much louder, louder than it used to go even when running intensive games. Also the fan becomes...