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screen flickering

  1. L

    Solved Screen flickering when streaming

    Hello! Laptop-noob here :) I don't even know if I'm posting this at the right tread, so please redirect me if needed, haha. I'm having issues with my Lenovo Pro 7. I don't know all the right terms but the easiest way to describe my problem is that 1/5 of the screen (vertically) to the right is...
  2. Victory13


    What to do when I’m experiencing flickering of display and tearing while gaming Gpu rx 470 CPU intel i5 7400 I can’t seem to set it right so it keeps struggling
  3. F

    Monitor turning on and off and quickly flashing a red line only while displaying in 4K 60Hz

    So, my monitor, a Z-Edge U27P4K 27" 4K IPS, only has 1 HDMI 2.0 port, so in order to use both my Series X and PC (in 4K 60 hertz) I bought an HDMI 2.0 switch and a 1 foot cord to plug into that. (So basically I have 2 HDMI 2.0 cords running from my PC and my Series X into the switch, which then...
  4. A

    Monitor white line

    My monitor got a white line at the bottom , if i take a screenshot the monitor is normal , it also has screen burn . This happened to the monitor before but it got back to normal after 5-10 minutes. Please help?
  5. R

    Extreme screen flicker/Lagos

    I'm currently trying to get my 3080 to work, however prior to any driver updates I get flicker. Once I start the driver updates it gets a partial way and crashes which leads to it no longer loading beyond the ASUS screen. It also gets hot as it doesn't seem to want to run the fans, only on initi...
  6. P

    Dropped My Laptop, Now Have a Wonky Screen

    Hey, So I dropped my laptop today and everything seems fine - no rattling or loose parts inside, no cracks on the screen, and everything is working perfectly normal, BUT my screen display keeps flashing a weird texture and it’s making it hard to see the screen. Is there any way I can fix this...
  7. Orion Peterson

    Trouble making adjustments with new monitor

    I just got a second monitor, the specs for the new and the original are below. I need help figuring out how to configure my PC to best fit my needs and my systems capabilities. Both monitors have G-SYNC enabled by the way. My FIRST and biggest concern is that whenever I launch a game and have...
  8. jron

    Screen Flickering in PUBG and Fortnite.

    So i just installed a new motherboard and cpu into my system. so naturally i tore everything apart put the new motherboard in and popped the new cpu in. Motherboard was not having it with windows when i tried starting it up so i reinstalled windows no big deal i downloaded all my stuff again and...