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motherboard pc help

  1. F

    After motherboard screen i've destroyed my ram memory

    Hello! Recently I've bought a 16x2gb 3200mhz ram memory, put it in my computer and it worked flawlessly. unfortunately I got greedy and tried to install my old 2x8gb ram memory as well, even knowing that my motherboard, B560M aorus elite LGA 1200, have a problem in the last 2 ram slots. I...
  2. qsqess

    Help! Gigabyte B450M H power on problem

    I'm facing an issue with my Gigabyte B450M H motherboard. After enabling Secure Boot and accidentally updating the Platform Key (PK) in the BIOS without having a USB stick with the PK file, I didn't have a USB stick with that PK file or anythingI simply clicked 'Update,' and the system prompted...
  3. M

    Sudden High CPU/Motherboard Temps

    I loaded up my pc and my top 3 fans were flashing red and were abnormally loud. I opened ICUE Corsair software and saw that my CPU Package temperature was 100 degrees Celsius which wasn’t normal according to Google ESPECIALLY if no apps were open (they weren’t). I checked for firmware updates on...
  4. JMan1557

    Solved Motherboard

    I had to install and removed my motherboard a couple of times. It was a very tight fit. During the process, I scratched my motherboard in a couple of places. Is my motherboard still usable or is it shot?
  5. ehsan esfandiari

    Solved Boot from NVMe SSD

    Hi. I have Asus Z97-pro motherboard which has M.2 (M key, socket 3) on it, but I don't know wether i can install and NVMe SSD on it or not? And if so, can i install OS in it and boot the windows from it or not? (I mean without updating the Bios) Thanks for your help.
  6. S

    I'm having issues and I'm clueless on what to do...

    I got my hands on some computer parts and I built the computer myself about 5 months ago. It was working completely fine until about a month ago. Before I get into the issues heres my specs Processor: Ryzen 5 2600 six core (3.4ghz) 16 GB Ram GPU: Gt 1030 Motherboard: ASrock B450 Steel Legend...
  7. Conner Mason

    My Motherboard won't turn on

    I just replaced my CPU and PSU and now that I have everything put back together, my computer won't turn on all the way. I am assuming it is an issue with the motherboard because the case fans are powered but the mobo outlets, as well as the GPU, are not working. Because of this, the connection...
  8. GaecKo

    Solved PC not starting

    Hey So i've had this issue for quite some time and now that I am a Comp Sc student I really want to at least give it a try. So it's simple, about 4 years ago, while playing, my Asus Rog GL553VD suddenly stopped working for no apparent reasons. I sent it to a repairman who himself sent it to...
  9. Will Smith

    DDR4 #1 Slot On Motherboard Not Functioning.

    - I have an H130M A Motherboard, which of which I recently changed the cpu. Before, the ram slot was working, but after I changed it, the ram slot does not work. No matter what I do: I've tried clearing the CMOS, I've tried different ram, and a different cpu. The computer only boots if I use the...
  10. Bitdoo

    Solved My pc won’t start, and I think it’s my f panel connections

    Here’s a little video just in case this helps: hello I think I’ve been having issues with my F panel connectors on my computer i’ve had problems with the connectors in the past I’ve had to wiggle the cord a bit to get it to work but right now after messing with my computer replacing my ram...
  11. B

    Solved Will an i7 5820k fit into asus prime a320m?

    Hi, need a little help, will an intel i7 5820k fit into my asus prime a320m motherboard? I’m quite new to gaming so struggling on a new cpu to buy second hand. Thanks
  12. Berkay ortakci

    Acer Nitro 50 610 Case swap ? Help please

    Hello guys, I have a Acer N50 610 and ı want to swap my case because of the temperatures. Can ı put everything in this case in a new gaming case. I didn't find any information about my motherboard type but i think it looks like ATX sizes. Please help me. I was thinking the buy MSI...
  13. M

    Solved Help on motherboard pins and sockets. I

    Hey, it’s me again, this time I need some help. I bought a new motherboard to replace the old one in my hp envy, and so far, the process has been smooth, but when trying to get everything reconnected to this new gigabyte motherboard, its this pin I don’t know what matches, here are some...