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  1. Z

    PC Mic not working fully

    When i join discord or my friends on the xbox app, they can hear me (not on xbox) but my game sound or youtube video im playing blasts through to their headset and i have no idea why any help be much appreciated.
  2. B

    Headset mic functions better on laptop than PC?

    I use my logitech G433 headset to talk over discord and last night when I used it on my laptop rather than pc I realised it worked significantly better than it did before. By this I mean it was set to a volume of 60 with a boost of +0db on laptop and a volume of 100 and boost of +10db on pc...
  3. Leonel123

    My mic won't recognize any voice activity from my XLR mic even though it shows up in control panel hardware and sound devices

    Hi everyone. so i have a XLR microphone (Blue ember) that is connected to a Scarlett solo 3rd gen. and the Scarlett which my mic is connected to IS being recognized by my PC and its shows up in device manager, but when i try to talk, there is no voice activity. now i know the mic is working...
  4. N

    Headset problems...

    I've been having problems with my headset recently... Sorry I'm not the best with this stuff so sorry if I have bad terminology lol I have a Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset and have been having problems with the sound and microphone. It comes with a splitter, one for microphone and one for...
  5. B

    Microphone turns on at random

    My mic has a blue light that ligts up whenever it's in use. Even when all the applications I use are closed. Is it a dude listening, or what? My mic is not wireless.
  6. B

    Solved Constant Microphone Crackling Noise

    After finishing a game with some friends they started to hear a crackling noise from my mic and could no longer hear me. So I enabled listen to this device on my microphone and there was an insanely loud crackling noise. I don't have microphone boost enabled. Noise suppression enabled/disabled...
  7. N

    Really unusual audio problem for hardcore troubleshooters only.

    Hello. Gigabyte ga-b85-hd3. built in - Realtek high definition Audio. Windows 7. Headset with microphone. So I woke up this morning and I found out that my microphone isn't working. I started troubleshooting the issue. -Played around with all the options from playback devices, recording...
  8. C

    Driver's messed up, help me... please

    So my audio is fine but my mic doesnt work and i was messing with drivers and i uninstalled and reinstalled the wrong stuff i dont remember seeing their, my mic is fine because it works on console and other mics wont work on my pc. I would rather not reset my pc and lose everything just to fix...
  9. B

    Solved Microphone Quiet

    Motherboard - Msi Gaming M3 z270 Headset - Sades SA-708 I know you can turn on the mic boost however upon doing so theres some pretty bad static, although i have heard that this headset is pretty bad if this is the case could someone recommend a reasonable headset with a reasonable price? Thanks
  10. C


    I recently bought a custom PC and previously had a Mac. With my mac (before it died) I used to use my Turtle Beach XO Four gaming headset with no problems with both the mic and headphones working. Since getting the custom PC, the microphone does not work. The headset has a single male 3.5mm...