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  1. D

    Asus transformer mini t102ha issues--auto refreshing and search and replace pop up

    I own an Asus transformer mini t102ha and I am having issues Suddenly when I open any browser it starts refreshing every 2 seconds, then when I am using Word or any office program the search and replace dialog keeps popping up, and every time I click close or the X it comes right back, this to...
  2. W

    Solved Playing media disables keyboard

    Hey guys. I've had loads of hardware issues lately Atm, my keyboard gets disabled when I play media sources. If I play a YouTube video, play a video on Facebook or even scroll by a video on Facebook, a Twitch stream, play a game, play music on Spotify, even when I open the "general controller...
  3. N

    Keyboard lighting up but not working.

    Hey guys i have a Ducky One 2 Mini and from today my keyboard stopped working copletely, it was working perfectly fine yesterday but when i turned my pc on today the keyboard didnt work, ive unplugged it and re plugged it and its worked for 5 seconds then doesn't work, all the lighting lights up...
  4. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Keyboard Backlight issue HP Probook 450 G3

    So it looks like (stupidly) the only way to change the timer on my keyboard backlight is to go into the BIOS, I do have a keyboard shortcut but it only works for the brightness, not how long to keep the backlight on. Does anyone know of a program that I can install that would take care of this...
  5. lilbo

    Keyboard problem

    Hello! It's my first time writing on such a forum, because I was able to fix most of my problems just by searching for the right answer on the internet. But not this time, the information I needed was either very old, and didn't work or just didn't work even tho it was pretty recent. So my...
  6. P

    Solved Corsair Strafe sticky and scratchy after spill

    Hey, so basically there was a small cup of apple juice spilled on maybe 30% of the keyboard. I quickly unplugged it, let it dry. The switches were really sticky and so I cleaned them using a straw to apply hot water inside of the switch then spammed it, this seemed to have done the job, but...
  7. N

    No input video / keyboard

    Hey guys , i would love to ask. I built my computer today and when i plugged my monitor to it , it said no input video .So I tried to plug the hdmi from monitor to my laptop and it worked. Also with keyboard , it wouldnt work on my computer , but worked on my laptop . Do you know what could be...
  8. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Wireless Keyboard lagging after Windows clean install

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 and since then i have been having a problem with my wireless keyboard. It has been lagging sporadically pretty badly. The keyboard is a Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse. i have then connected wirelessly to my laptop via the 2.4Ghz usb...
  9. N

    Some Exact Same Keys Randomly Stop Working

    Hello, I have a rather odd issue with my laptop's keyboard that I've never encountered before. All of a sudden, regardless what I'm doing on my laptop at that moment, whether it would be browsing the internet or playing a game, some exact same keyboard keys stop working, it doesn't...
  10. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Change backlight color?

    Is anyone aware of a way to change the backlight color on the keyboard of a HP ProBook 450 G3? I know this isn't a gaming laptop but I think it would be cool to have a red or green backlight. Any software or hardware options, that doesn't include soldering anything?
  11. T

    Trouble with inlay laptop - Please help!

    I have a hp 15-ay039wm laptop. It has an inlay keyboard. I don't know how to get to it to replace it. Or clean it. Some small amount (about a thimble full) of cooking oil spilled in it by accident. It was sunflower oil. Long story. I feel really stupid (please don't rub it in). The PC seems...
  12. S

    Mouse/keyboard won't work when installing windows

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to install windows through a bootable USB but my mouse and keyboard won't work when I enter the install screen. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  13. MrSadPants

    Trying to boot windows from external hard drive to my new ssd, but i have no down button to select.

    i have no down button to select my external hard drive in the boot menu. Is the only way forward to replace the keyboard? I have tried pressing all sorts of keys but it seems the only one that works for down is the one im missing. Also, will getting a new keyboard mean that I will have to...
  14. R

    Mouse/Keyboard Unresponsive at Desktop, works in BIOS

    I have been unable to use my mouse and keyboard at the desktop. This problem began when my computer began to slow down about 10 minutes after I booted it up. When I tried to open different windows such as My Computer or access the Task Manager, they would all freeze. Even when I clicked them...