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  1. danielelii

    SSD and HDD space optimization

    I as a music producer recently switched to PC from Mac. And I am wondering if it's possible to install Windows 10 on my SSD and my programs, plugins, music packs and such on my HDD. Since my SSD is only 250GB and my HDD is 1TB, I want to store most of my music stuff on the HDD, so that it...
  2. feifei12341

    About Hdd sometimes not detected

    I have just build a new pc and install my os in SSD and also set up a HDD for memory. But after running several times, my pc could not detect the hdd and it causes the pc running very slow. So i unplug the sdd the cable and it work fine. I thought this is the hdd problem. But now, I found a new...
  3. B

    Lenovo Legion y530

    Hi i my y530 has an sdd in it with 500 gb but i would like to upgrade to a little more storage. There is one slot avalibe were i can put in a HDD but i dont know what kind of hdd is compatible with my system... Also what kind of price range is there for 1tb compared with 500gb hdd? Thanks in...
  4. eyalnoder

    new ssd drive , all the files and desktop can only be opened from old hdd

    i have installed a new ssd drive of 480 gb and i had a 890 gb hdd, all of my files are in the old hdd and when i boot up the computer it loads a new like desktop and when serching in the windows serch it wont find any application i have installed on the hdd. how can i get my desktop and files...
  5. G

    Solved Trouble changing XP to Win 10 pro

    I have tried to get my XP machine to boot from a CD drive or USB so I can remove XP and install windows 10 pro. I have changed the Bios setting to allow this to happen but for some reason XP keeps firing up from the internal Hard drive come what may. It is like a secure boot and I do not know...
  6. S

    Buying another hard drive

    Hey guys I currently only have a 256 GB SSD hard drive, so i need to buy an extra one. I was just wondering, if it would be smartest to buy an extra SSD or to buy a HDD instead. I do have space for all my games/programs on my SSD, it's just pictures and videos that take up too much space. No...
  7. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Daisy chaining multiple HDD?

    I have 4 externel/internal 2.5" HDDs that are all different capacities but all the same speed 5200rpm. I would like to daisy chain them together to make one big drive. Is this possible and if so how do I do it, is there an enclosure that I can put them all into? I would be using USB 3.0 to do it...
  8. G

    My New Build won’t let me use my new hdd for boot up

    I recently built a new PC and after a couple hours building it as I’m new to this I made sure everything was right and I was and still as I’ve about quadruple checked and everything connected where it should be. I turn it on and when I starts it tells me “reboot and please select proper boot...
  9. Brunsos

    HDD and SSD not being recognized

    I recently built my own pc with all new parts and i got it to boot to the BIOS, when i was there i realised that all my SATA information was showing N/A. I installed a 2TB HDD and a 128GB M.2 SSD into my ASUS PRIME B450-plus motherboard and made sure the cords were connected securely. I put in...
  10. Leannz0r

    Laptop turning off by itself & Short Drive Self-Test Failure

    Hi.. I have been having problems for a while with my laptop just turning off by itself.. It just completely shuts off, doesn't do the shut down process and doesn't restart. Before it was occasionally and usually only when laptop was idle, but the past week it is doing it constantly, to point...
  11. J

    Windows 10 does not boot

    Dear Forum users, firstly, i want to apologize, if i wrote this topic in the wrong section. Today, i was installing an update to Fortnite (popular PC game). After 2 hours of installation, i decided to turn on Google Chrome. When I did so, whole computer freezed and i had to turn it off manually...
  12. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved All types of problems transferring files

    I have a HP laptop running Windows 10, with a Intel i-7 7200u I believe, with 12gb of ddr4 RAM. I am having trouble transferring files from an external HDD to another external HDD. The folders I am trying to transfer are upwards of about 30 GB each the transfer will start then it will freeze, my...
  13. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Converted HDD Running Pretty Slow

    I have a Seagate Momentus st9750423as 750GB 2.5 inch HDD running at 5400 RPM, and 16MB Cache. It's SATA 3.0Gb/s, I put it in a USB 3.0 external enclosure, but it is running pretty slow when I connect it to my laptop. Is there a way to speed it up. I reformatted it and set it up with one NTFS...
  14. C

    PC is killing my drives

    Hope someone can help me out o at least point me on some general direction. So I've had this rig for 4 years now I think. So the issue I've been having and for a bit ignored is that all drives I've ever put in my rig other than my main have all crapped out in the same way. SO the first one I...
  15. D

    Solved No Bootable Device

    I may have dug myself in too deep with this one. I've been having a long saga of problems dealing with my 3 year old Acer Aspire V5-552PG. I just repaired the monitor cable which had gotten pinched and frayed somehow. It was causing the monitor to flash on and off, and then come back and say...
  16. R

    Solved Unavailable partition

    I've been doing some intense work while electricity blackout striked. Now my C: partition is just unavailable. Every time I try to boot computer, instead of anything I only see black screen with mouse cursor on it. I tried to get there with LiveUSB. Properties of Local Disk C: are 0 bytes on...
  17. L

    Solved PC reads external HDD as corrupted, but plugging it into my TV works fine

    Ok, so like the title says I plug my hard drive into the computer and it says its corrupted and cant be accessed. I can't look at anything, trying to open it gives me either the corrupted bit or tells me the name is invalid. I tried going to properties, tools, and then checking the disk for...
  18. J

    External HDD Issues

    So my big external hard drive that I use for storing all my shows / movies / etc... had been buzzing and sounding generally worn out for a while, but it still functioned just perfectly. However, I lent it to my sister and when I got it back the USB port on the hard drive had become loose and...