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  1. P

    Laptop pops up "no bootable device please insert boot disk"

    Its a Toshiba Satellite laptop, when turned on it pops up the message saying "no bootable device please insert disk", i went into the bios and its detecting the hdd, but keeps getting that message, the laptop had a fall some time ago so i thought it could have damaged something, so i opened the...
  2. I

    Solved Automatic repair function

    So a couple of days ago i got a notice from windows saying theres something wrong with my harddrive. So it started an automatic repair which didn't solve anything. And now im stuck in the Blue screen with advanced options and restart or something. And i have tried everything in advanced options...
  3. N

    Internal HDD made into an external drive not working

    Hi, Recently I got an SSD and replaced my old HDD on my laptop. So I thought I will make use of the unused old HDD and bought this orico HDD enclosure. I plugged in the harddrive and it showed as 3 different drives ( I didnt do any clean wipe when replacing the HDD when it was inside the...
  4. petual1

    External hard drive does not work on any motherboard USB, only on the front of the case.

    I was using the computer normally, when the sound of unplugging some USB came. It was the external hard drive that I always used plugged into the motherboard that suddenly stopped. I restarted the pc to see if it came back, and continued the same thing. I tested other USB on the motherboard, and...
  5. S

    PC suddenly can't read hdd

    I got on my pc this afternoon and tried installing a game on steam, but it gave me a disk write error. I simply installed it on my ssd instead and thought nothing of it. I later on tried launching another program and it told me something along the lines of "this app cannot run on your computer...
  6. A

    WD external hard drive not found

    I have a western digital external hard drive that I can access on my old Apple computer, but not on my new windows 10 PC. I deleted everything off of it and used MAC's disk utility app to partition it. My selections on the partition screen: Partition map scheme: Guild partition table Format...
  7. Vordermark

    Hard drive size mismatch

    I installed a new Seagate Barracuda 6TB hard drive as a secondary internal drive on an ACER Aspire M3203. My problem is that the program Disk Management only shows the drive as 596 GB. I have tried other programs such a Seagate Discwizard, and the command line diskpart and they see the same...
  8. D

    Installing programs on new ssd

    So my ssd was faulty, but luckily I was able to transfer all the files (literally copied and pasted) to my hdd. They're just sitting in a folder on my data drive at the moment and I have a new ssd installed. Is there a way to restore the settings and programs to how they were before the swap as...
  9. J

    External HDD Issues

    So my big external hard drive that I use for storing all my shows / movies / etc... had been buzzing and sounding generally worn out for a while, but it still functioned just perfectly. However, I lent it to my sister and when I got it back the USB port on the hard drive had become loose and...