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  1. usbp86

    In Progress High CPU usage all the time

    Hello, I built my own PC less than a year ago and recently started having issues with my CPU usage %. I used to be able to run any game perfectly fine and never had any issues until valorant crashed out of nowhere recently and my CPU usage was brought to my attention. I've done soo many...
  2. Y

    First Ever PC Build (NEED HELP)

    Hey everyone, so I just ordered my first ever pc build and now I need to find a monitor that my pc can maximize for gaming. I have attached what my pc part are down below. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on what monitor would be best. I will mostly be playing COD and open world games...
  3. S

    Solved Mysterious crashes?

    Hello experts- Here's what's happening. My son has a gaming PC (specs below) and has only middling success being able to run and play games without the PC suddenly revving up (loud whirring sound) and crashing. The PC seems to remain on (lights, sounds, etc.) but the screens go black. *We did...
  4. F

    PC turning off and turning back on to windows lock screen

    A couple nights ago my pc did not turn on at all, everything was plugged in and fine, I had to take off the glass panel and take out One of my Two sticks of ram and put it back in and it ended up turning on. But then last night was when my desktop screen turned off twice but the pc was still on...
  5. A

    Games keep crashing on my pc

    I have built a gaming pc recently and every time I launch a game after a period of time it crashes, it can range from 5 minute to 20 minutes. I have a ryzen 3100, MSI Nvidia Gtx 1650, 2 sticks of 8gb Corsair ram 3200mhz, Golden field aresze 650w power supply, 6 case fans , a Samsung 860 evo...
  6. brypenaaa


    hey guys, iv been having problems with my gaming pc and the issue is low overall fps in games. It has been having the issue for months and I haven't been able to solve it. I reinstalled all drivers and windows 10 and still get the same performance. I have 100-120 fps in low settings for warzone...
  7. B

    Games Freezing

    I've got a decently powerful machine. It's got a Ryzen 7, GTX 1660, and 16GB of RAM. I've had it for about a year and it worked very well, but lately it's been giving me problems. In various games, it will randomly freeze for upwards of 30 seconds to a full minute. This happened with multiple...
  8. M

    Losing frames when moving mouse! please help!

    i would get 140 fps on warzone but as soon as i move my mouse, it'll drop to 77-78 fps i dont know whats wrong. my specs are i7 9700k RTX 3070 32gb ram
  9. A

    Solved Is this configuration enough for a good gaming pc?

    Hello everyone, I was using an Alienware x51 r1 pc for gaming for 8years until the chipset got fried and now Dell says they can't do anything but trash it. I was looking to get a good enough gaming pc assembled. I was looking at the following hardware: 1. AMD RYZON 7 3700X PROCESSOR octacore...
  10. andrewson9

    Building gaming PC! Help please!

    Hi guys, im trying to build a new gaming pc for me… i have never built a pc before so i would appreciate every advise, tips or critism of my setup.. So here im posting the setup ive chosen for now (still working on it, but almost done) -budget 30 000czk (1400usd, 1200eur) im from Czech Republic...
  11. manu0221

    New(ish) Gaming PC won't stop freezing

    Around the ond of October of 2019, I got a new Gaming PC built up. I never got any problems until recently. These last days I have had some performance problems while playing my games, I've been playing a lot of Fortnite (at first I thought it could be only a problem of Fortnite, but it had...
  12. O

    Solved New pc, No Video signal Need Help ASAP

    So I've been given the task of building the most budget gaming pc from a friend of mine and so far we managed tog et eveything for like $450 SPECS: Core i3-6100 8gb of DDR3 ram Radeon R9 380 gpu thermaltake 650w psu OEM HP mother board - IPM17-DD So my issue is that wheni turn on the pc...