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  1. Aleka_papariga

    About my issue kernel power 41 63

    I would be happy if someone can give me some hope with this critical error. I ' ve tried formats , updating drivers , changing power plan setting etc. Can you guys give me any ideas ? It happens when i play games like squad or fivem gta v
  2. Aleka_papariga

    Issue while playing games on my pc

    Games like squad or fivem gta cause critical error Kernel-power 41 task 63 . I've tried many things like updating drivers or change power plan setting and done over 2 formats. Can you guys give me some hope here? I will try anyhting !
  3. Sheraz Hussain

    Solved Help regarding CPU and Ram compatibility.

    Hello members I am trying to make a minimum budget gaming pc... and i bought some stuff... but now i m confused about something...so i need your helps. I got MSI MAG B560 torpedo, with i3 10generation CPU "10100" and the ram is vengeance LED 3000mhz C15. and i ve read that 10 gen i3 only...
  4. B

    Low fps in Gta 5 online

    Hi, i have 60fps in gta online, everything on maximum, cpu usage is about 30-40% and gpu is 98-100% usage, i disable vsync and put to 144hz like my monitor. My specs are Intel i7 9700kf (oc to 5.0ghz) 16gb ram ddr4 3200mhz, hyperx beast Motherboard Gigabyte z390 gaming x Graphic is iGame iChill...
  5. D

    Gaming PC not working, lights and fans turn on but mouse+keyboard+display are unresponsive. Help!

    So basically I was playing Total War Three Kingdoms one night and while loading into a battle my pc froze up and wasn’t responding so I turned it off. Since then whenever I turn on my PC only the internal fans and lights turn on, while the mouse and keyboard dont light up at all, and the...
  6. J

    Driver timeouts and PC Crashes to Solid Color Screen

    Hello eyerybody. So I had this problem for a year now and I still don't know how to fix it. Basically I would be playing something and my PC would crash to a solid color with a buzzing sound, when I try to restart my Monitor the screen would get green. I'm also getting colorfull pixels but it...
  7. adudethatneedshelp

    Solved What fps will my first custom pc build run at?

    I am building my first pc, and it's more of a test than a real pc I will game on. Here are the specs I am looking to put together. Lenovo M91p Motherboard NVIDIA GT 1030 From Craigslist (don't have yet, I don't know if this is trustworthy) Intel Core i5-2500 (already have) 500 GB SSD...