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boot device

  1. Relax Time

    Boot up crash

    Hello people i need help my win 10 after update get black screen blinking and after recovery mode its ask me chose operating system i chosed 10 and then my pc is crashed after start it start with logo lenovo and then turn off again start and turn off again i tried many times same thing happened...
  2. NerveHunter

    No bootable drive?

    Hello I’m looking for help with the installation of my new SSD. I had a 500 GB SSD beforehand, and I assumed that I could just plug in my new 1 TB SSD. After attempting to do so my PC will no longer boot up. I’m not even able to get into bios. Not only that, but for some reason it is as if my...
  3. G

    Windows istal via boot stick gets blue screend

    Hey I got a New System swicht from Intel to AMD. I tride jusing a Windows 11 boot stick and got it to start loding Windows dan after 10-30% IT geht's always blue Screen and shuts down. Alsow tride Windows 10, updatet the latest BIOS, tride difrent ssds Notting sehms to work. Also the Windows...
  4. BenchFox

    Help to install Windows XP on Toshiba laptop from 2015

    Hello, I just got my hands on a somewhat old Toshiba Satellite C55D-C from 2015. It has a 128GB SSD that was fully wiped. I wanted a laptop to run, well ideally a 9x OS, but I only found drivers for XP at the oldest. That's still alright to play some games from the late '90s/early 2000s, so I...
  5. ghasemi73

    Computer Boot Problem

    Hi everyone I assembled a computer system about 3 months ago Yesterday, while I was working on the computer, the system crashed and the mouse and keyboard did not work. After the reset with the reset key on the case, the system reset but my Windows did not load and remained on the Windows load...
  6. 0

    Devices does not come up in boot menu

    My ssd, hard drive and USB does not seem to come up in the Boot menu or boot priority. It says it can't find any bootable devices when I press "Boot menu". But it does recognise the devices in the middle of the screen.
  7. D

    Help switching boot/system device

    I have a HDD that was used as my single storage device, but I have a new SSD that I want to use for boot and windows. I have tried copying the HDD's contents onto the SSD and switching the boot device in the BIOS, but my computer still boots with the HDD and when I remove the HDD the computer...
  8. A

    Boot device problem??

    So I happened to turn my computer on to this? Anybody know what I have to do to get my pc up and running again?
  9. D

    Solved PC wont boot from SSD (but will when its in a laptop)

    Hey, so the problem im facing is that, my OS wont boot from my PC. The thing is I have tried alot of fixes and nothing is working. I still get the "reboot and select boot device" message. Also the SSD that has the OS on works fine when I put it into my laptop. Which means ive done the update...
  10. B

    Solved Cannot locate my SSD in BIOS to reboot Windows10

    Long story short: I had long running problems with my Style Note laptop (W10), which was experiencing several BSODs a day and giving a pretty wide variety of errors messages for each BSOD. I sent it back to manufacturer who blamed the whole thing on a dust build up Just got it back this evening...
  11. G

    Solved Help (Boot Device)

    Hi! So recently I built a new pc and everything has been working just fine for a few days but then all of a sudden when I tried to start it, this came up on boot (Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key) which tells me that it can't read...