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  1. S

    Solved Quick fix or no?

    This is the end cap of my audio jack. It holds my headphones in. Can i just superglue this back in or no?
  2. raysunicorn

    Audio very stuttery and scratchy

    I was cleaning my computer and when I put it back together it was fine. Except the audio was stuttering and sounds extremely scratchy (best way I can describe it). I made sure that the problem wasn't coming from the speakers or headphones. Both work on my laptop just fine. I updated my...
  3. Leonel123

    My mic won't recognize any voice activity from my XLR mic even though it shows up in control panel hardware and sound devices

    Hi everyone. so i have a XLR microphone (Blue ember) that is connected to a Scarlett solo 3rd gen. and the Scarlett which my mic is connected to IS being recognized by my PC and its shows up in device manager, but when i try to talk, there is no voice activity. now i know the mic is working...
  4. iLauchX

    help please its audio problem but big problem!

    i have speakers logitec 5.1 and asus by Realtek program, the problem is: on games for example witcher, call of duty (story).. then the some characters or the main speaker talk i cant hear them butt i can here the same time then he speak the backround voices like the rain or the cars on the same...
  5. Heateroni

    Audio Issue Like No Other

    First off, I have an odd situation. I have tried researching for hours but no roads lead me anywhere. Just recently, I re-installed my Realtek Audio Drivers. After that, I now see that I have a "2-" in front of Realtek when I look at my drivers in Device Manager or when I type in "Sound" into...
  6. T

    Audio Issues using audio interface

    Hey there! I'm having some very annoying and frustrating problems with my sound output options on my laptop. I'm a recording musician, and I recently got a new laptop second hand from a friend. It's been factory reset and I've installed my ProTools onto it. I use a usb interface (Avid Fast...
  7. D

    Sound System stopped working after connecting a new Monitor

    I have already asked this question a lot but was never able to get a working answer. So my old monitor was connected using VGA, my new one has built-in speakers and uses HDMI. Now, my PC only plays sound through this Monitor although I would rather use my sound system. I've already tried the...
  8. A

    Audio playing and recording issues with drivers

    I ended up having to reset my PC due to the fact that the audio drivers were messed up and i couldn't hear volume nor could i use my microphone. When I reset my PC, the drivers and microphone were working fine until i tried to join a Discord voice chat: when I joined, my newly built PC started...
  9. G

    Audio Mixer

    Hi, I don't really have an issue that's really bad but I just need some help in figuring something out. Anyway, I want to connect a mixer board to windows 10 but for the sliders to control individual programs instead of the whole system. Bassicaly a physical form of the Windows Volume Mixer. I...
  10. AgGentleman

    PC Case Cables

    Sorry for the NOOB question, but im new to PC's and i recently got a new case (Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L ) and moved my PC parts into it. all good until i was just about finished the cable management when i realised my motherboard did not have the correct port for the usb and hd audio...
  11. B

    No more sound/Audio Jack Glitch

    I was cleaning my computer the other day to take care of some dust etc. I used an air can to get most of the dust off(turned off my PC/unplugged the power cord) I had to unhook some cables from the mobo and reattach them to their proper place. Now I turn on my PC and plug in my Studio Monitor...
  12. R

    Latency issues

    Hello everybody, I have an audio and video problem on my pc. I first started noticing some small deviations on the sync of my audio and video which were a little annoying but not a really big problem. But now i got these really big audio drop outs and this insane 'crackling' noise. I searched a...
  13. N

    Really unusual audio problem for hardcore troubleshooters only.

    Hello. Gigabyte ga-b85-hd3. built in - Realtek high definition Audio. Windows 7. Headset with microphone. So I woke up this morning and I found out that my microphone isn't working. I started troubleshooting the issue. -Played around with all the options from playback devices, recording...
  14. C

    Driver's messed up, help me... please

    So my audio is fine but my mic doesnt work and i was messing with drivers and i uninstalled and reinstalled the wrong stuff i dont remember seeing their, my mic is fine because it works on console and other mics wont work on my pc. I would rather not reset my pc and lose everything just to fix...
  15. C

    Audio cutting out when applying pressure onto keyboard surface.

    I am having this issue to which, whenever I slightly bend or tap the left and right surfaces by the mouse pad, the audio makes a pop noise and stops working. I then would have to turn off or put my laptop to sleep and the audio would return. However, any considerable pressure on the surfaces on...
  16. Johnathon Patterson

    No sound coming through AUX jack!?

    I had a pretty bad malware infection a couple days ago which was since solved. This is a separate issue. Not sure if the malware damaged any of my hardware or drivers but, all of a sudden, I'm not able to use headphones in my laptops AUX jack. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers...
  17. Johnathon Patterson

    Solved Computer Slow after malware removal?

    Hello, I posted here last night asking for help with a trojan called "[email protected]". I went through the process with the expert and it seemed to work. However, now my laptop is moving slow. Not all the time, just every so often it lags. I could be switching to my desktop, my click doesn't...