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  1. R

    Latency issues

    Hello everybody, I have an audio and video problem on my pc. I first started noticing some small deviations on the sync of my audio and video which were a little annoying but not a really big problem. But now i got these really big audio drop outs and this insane 'crackling' noise. I searched a...
  2. N

    Really unusual audio problem for hardcore troubleshooters only.

    Hello. Gigabyte ga-b85-hd3. built in - Realtek high definition Audio. Windows 7. Headset with microphone. So I woke up this morning and I found out that my microphone isn't working. I started troubleshooting the issue. -Played around with all the options from playback devices, recording...
  3. C

    Driver's messed up, help me... please

    So my audio is fine but my mic doesnt work and i was messing with drivers and i uninstalled and reinstalled the wrong stuff i dont remember seeing their, my mic is fine because it works on console and other mics wont work on my pc. I would rather not reset my pc and lose everything just to fix...
  4. C

    Audio cutting out when applying pressure onto keyboard surface.

    I am having this issue to which, whenever I slightly bend or tap the left and right surfaces by the mouse pad, the audio makes a pop noise and stops working. I then would have to turn off or put my laptop to sleep and the audio would return. However, any considerable pressure on the surfaces on...
  5. Johnathon Patterson

    No sound coming through AUX jack!?

    I had a pretty bad malware infection a couple days ago which was since solved. This is a separate issue. Not sure if the malware damaged any of my hardware or drivers but, all of a sudden, I'm not able to use headphones in my laptops AUX jack. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers...
  6. Johnathon Patterson

    Solved Computer Slow after malware removal?

    Hello, I posted here last night asking for help with a trojan called "KMS-R@1n.exe". I went through the process with the expert and it seemed to work. However, now my laptop is moving slow. Not all the time, just every so often it lags. I could be switching to my desktop, my click doesn't...