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  1. Okama

    Closed/Inactive Weird undetectable malware

    Okay so I'm quite a noob on this whole computer thing, so I don't know where to find the logs or even what specs my computer has. It's an RoG, so it's supposed to be quite resistant, with McAfee SafeSearch to protect my browser and Avast if needed. I have this weird thing happening since a week...
  2. Brandon Byrnes

    Gmail Ads

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get rid of the ads in the android gmail app. Every article I've read says, that the ads are restricted to the Promotions tab, and to just delete that tab and your emails will get sent to your inbox instead. Well I'm also getting ads in my...
  3. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Ads following me from website to website

    I have been having a problem recently. About a month ago I bought some stuff off of Backcountry.com an outdoors outfitter, and now when I go to other websites I am getting backcountry.com ads on websites, and just this morning I was looking to purchase some steel toe shoes and visited multiple...