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4k resolution

  1. E

    Virtually scaling display resolution

    Hey im new here and this is probably in the wrong section so im already apologizing in advance :) So i currently got a problem regarding a virtualization server running on windows 10 for my company.. I know there are better solutions but everything works and has the right settings so a change...
  2. snorregg

    Solved Choosing monitor for Mac (Coding)

    Hello! I want to but a new monitor for my Macbook Pro Retina (Early 2015). I´ve been looking around, and I am considering a 4k monitor. I will only use it for coding and other software developing methods. I cant decide on what to buy, and I need help... Appreciate all answers Snorre :)
  3. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Using 4K TV but Native Resolution only 1080p?

    So I am totally new at gaming. I recently build a rig for video editing but decided to install GTA V because it's been so long since I played anything. My setup is a Ryzen 5 2600x a GTX 1060 3GB, 16GB or DDR4 RAM and a MSI B450M Pro MOBO. My OS is Windows 10 Pro. I am using a 55" 4K TV for my...