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Solved Strange Internet Issue, Windows 10

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All - my Dad lives in an assisted living facility and has wireless internet to his desktop PC. An issue that came up a few months ago has popped up again; everything works except he gets error messages when he tries to go to his Kaiser health account, or CBS news. Last time, it resolved itself. Anybody have an idea? I completely removed his AVG internet security just to rule that out, and no joy. Thanks,

What web browser?
Disable any extensions in it to see if they are the cause.

Have you tried another browser?

On the same wireless network, do other devices (your phone) have the same issue - if yes, it may be a setting in the modem?
Reboot the modem for good measure.

Definitely no need for AVG, the inbuilt Windows Security software is equal to any paid-for AV program.
Click the Menu in the upper right. Choose "Clear Browsing Data." The most effective setting is to clear all browsing history for All time and to clear browsing history, download history, cached images and files, and cookies. Close your browser and restart to see changes.
Ok, I'll try clearing all that junk out. This am I went in and he had a total of two extensions, one of which was something from Adobe. I don't recall the other one. I disabled them both, re-booted, and it still wouldn't go to Kaiser but worked on CBS News. Then just now we get Kaiser just fine. I suspect that the facility re-booted their modem, and that's what resolved it. Thanks,

On the AV topic. while AVG is good at actual virus detection it already went down the monetisation path ages before Avast took them over and Avast took that process to the stratosphere!
It now has many hooks into system areas like, driver updates, PC maintenance, and VPN services.
You could argue none are best of breed.
And the amount of telemetry, and pop-up advertising it does is shameful.

But over-arching all that - there simple is no longer any need to pay for, or install, 3rd party AV software.
MS has had a 1st class security platform that scores as well, or better, than the paid-for products, and it is written by the same mob that writes the OS so that alone should be a major selling point.
Independent lab test here; https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/
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Thanks for all of the help. I did not know that stuff about antivirus; for years I have got a crazy good deal on unlimited licenses so I could cover all my stuff, and family too. Guess I'll reconsider that.

Yeah, I reckon it took me about 2 years before I finally stopped buying AVG IS and Norton360, and also stopped recommending paid-for AV's to my clients.
Like most, I either simply didn't believe (probably trust more like it) MS and just let others be the early adopters and test that muddy water of security.
That was at least 10 years ago, every one I know now uses Defender, and (touch wood) I have not heard of any infections.
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