Program not running after changing graphic card

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Oct 3, 2021

I got a PC which is solely used to run an instrument software, i got 3 of these units in my workplace and recently i got a graphic card problem with one of them, the screen would stay black when the case is turned on, so i tried to swap the graphic card with the other identical PC's that i have and it worked, this pinpointed the problem to the graphic card. Sense the PC are old, i was not able to find any new graphic card for it, so i had to look for something used and even though couldn't find the exact same graphic card.
the original graphic card that came with the system is a "ATI (Sapphire) Radeon X300, 128 MB DDR, VGA/DVI, PCIe x16 , and the closest one that i found on Ebay is a"Dell UC996 ATI Radeon X300SE 128MB DDR 64-Bit VGA/DVI/HDMI PCIe x16 Video Card".

After getting the replacement graphic card from Ebay, it asked for drivers which i don't understand why because the replacement card uses the same Chipset, should't it be running on the already installed drivers which the old card was running on ?,
i installed the drivers and tried to start the program, but the program would crash on startup and throw an error which mentions stuff about DirectX. if i change the new graphic card with one of the other identical PC's that i have, the program will run with no problems, but with any other card it will crash with the same DirectX error.

Picture of Error attached below.


the company who sold these PC's does not provide any support any longer as these are very old, and in my case it is not worth replacing the whole system just because of a bad graphic card.
I would be very great full for any kind of support.

PC runs of Windows XP



PCHF Administrator
Support Team
Sep 9, 2016
We are always happy to help when we can but we cannot safely do so if you are already receiving assistance on any other forum, doing so may lead to confusion as to whose and what guidance you are following which can be both dangerous and costly.

Lutfij is waiting for feedback from you over at Toms so this thread will be closed.

Thank you for your understanding.
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