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  1. robert 8

    GPU - teal blank screen, no signal to monitor (AMD Sapphire R9 280X X Vapor)

    Hello, Problem occurred 12 hours ago during playing, when I got a Teal screen, had to restart, loaded game back up, same thing. (desktop was working fine) After 3rd restart, black screen, monitor wouldn't get signal from GPU, couldn't get into Uefi. Situation right now: - GPU cleaned (was...
  2. S

    I don't know which GPU to buy, please help

    I have recently purchased this gaming PC: Yes, I know it isn't the best one, but I'm new to all this and I don't know which GPU is the best and fits in this PC. If anyone could help, it would be really appreciated. Thank you all in advance, ShadowWarrior17.
  3. _Nick_

    Completing the Build?

    Recently constructed this build as an idea for my next PC, but I just need some suggestions of compatibility/quality, etc. to maximise the quality of the build. It's primarily designed for gaming and low noise, but it will be used a lot in the summer when the temperature is quite high so I opted...
  4. iwanttodie

    Solved How to know which component died?

    Recently I assumed that my videocard died. After surfing some forums I now have doubts. How do I know which one died/dying: PCE slot, PSU, or the Video card without being able to test the card in someone's PC? Symptoms: When I boot without the videocard using onboard graphics it starts normally...
  5. Z

    Solved Upgrading GPU.

    Hi, I'm looking to possibly upgrade my GPU as mine seems as it's on it's last legs. My current PC setup is I5 4670k MSI GTX 660 OC 8gb ddr3 corsair ram 500W PSU Windows 10 . I'm looking to spend around £150 to upgrade ( preferably a nvidia gpu) , I think I can get a decent replacement for that...
  6. N

    GPU Problem

    Hey everyone! I've had a problem that i'm quite sure is the GPU itself, and 'im undecided whether it's the fans causing trouble or not. I have 3 fans on my GPU , and the ones on the right and the left do seem to be slower. Plus they make some sort of flickering noise at around 50% fan speed. I...