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"The User Profile Service Failed the Logon. User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" Fix

"The User Profile Service Failed the Logon. User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" Fix

Do you get this message when you attempt to load your user account after typing in your password? Here's how to fix it :)

Error Code:

"The User Profile Service Failed the Logon. User Profile Cannot Be Loaded"

Then Windows will restart due to the corrupted user account. ( infinite loop.)

There are so many variables of the root cause of this problem, but sometimes it can be due to A\V conflicting in start-up. Manually deleting user accounts under C:\Users\ or through command prompt could cause this issue. When removing an account manually, this will not delete the SID key which could cause confliction when the OS is trying to load the ProfileImagePath.

What is SID key?

Each user account created in Windows generates a "Security Identifier" also known as "SID". This key is located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVerison\ProfileList within the Windows Registry. You should see a key starting with something like this S-1-5-21.


To resolve this issue please fellow the step by step process below:

  1. After receiving the error, reboot the computer and hit "F8" on your keyboard. This will allow you to go into Advanced Boot Options menu so we can boot into safe mode. ( Booting into safe mode will allow us to log into the administrative account. This will create a temp SID key for us to use.)
  2. Once in Safe Mode, we can now edit the correct SID in the Registry. Before doing anything within the Windows Registry lets go ahead in back-up the registry. Doing so will allow us to roll back all the HIVES needed just encase something happens.
  3. Go to Run ( Windows logo key + R )->Type Regedit-> Go to File->Export-> Save to Desktop.
  4. After backing up the registry let's began the work. Locate the the correct SID key. The path to follow is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVerison\ProfileList
  5. Which SID key to fix? As mentioned above, each user account has its own SID key, so to find which one to edit, click on each SID key (S-1-5-21, this is an example.) look on the right you will see ProfileImagePath. This will show you the correct SID key to edit that you are having problems with. (The user account your having issues with.)
  6. Now that we located the correct SID key to edit all you will be doing now is to rename the old SID key and replace it with the .bak SID key. ( You should see two of the same keys, if not relate to the guide from Microsoft which will be provided below.) Example below, the SID key without the .bak right click and rename to .ba. Remove the .bak from the SID key with extension .bak.
  7. Once that is done, the SID key without the extension click on it, on the right hand side, double click on RefCount. Make sure the value is set to 0, and double click State. Make sure the value is set to 0.
  8. After doing the above, exit Regedit and restart the computer.
  9. Once the correct SID key is edited, your issue should be resolved.
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