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Common BSD Commands

BSD variants do not have as much command-line commands as Linux does, but it does have some very important ones.


pkg install package - Install package from remote repository

pkg add package - Install local package

pkg info - List installed packages

pciconf - List PCI devices

kldstat - List loaded kernel modules

kldload / kldunload - Load/Unload kernel modules

truss - Trace system calls

Various BSD variants:

- shows you how long the server has been up, load averages, and who is logged in and what they are doing.

finger - used to see what people are doing on remote servers without logging in

ls - Lists all files in current directory

ls -al - gives a more detailed listing of files including permissions

ps -aux - shows all processes or jobs running on the server and their PID's or Process ID's (usefull when u need to kill a job)

top - shows you which processes are using the most cpu time, and memory resources

locate filename - Used to find files
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