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  1. StayExcellent

    A lot of Issues suddenly came up...

    So about a day ago my pc started to get random crashes on programs like task manager, file explorer and just many other applications in general. It also freezes sometimes while typing (so far only noticed on discord and steam) but Task Manager says my components are doing fine and are not...
  2. ymcolah

    How do I change file sizes to Zero-Byte (or tiny) while keeping their names ?

    I had a virus infection lately. As a result a lot of files were renamed with the "Adame" extension. Also, the content of the files were changed making them unusable. Now what I'd like to do is keep the files with their current names and zero out (or make tiny) their size. Is there a way to do...
  3. Pedio

    I can't get rid of a virus

    Hello community Last month i tried to download Mario 64 , but sadly it turned out to be some dangerous virus , i had read every forum and watched every video and downloaded every antivirus or antimalware for this problem but nothing helped me . I tried to delete the virus files manually with...
  4. Newbie263738

    Solved Did windows defender fail to protect me?

    So few minutes ago I downloaded zip file which had trojan in it. Windows defender told me about that. So i thought everything was ok, until suddenly my taskbar disappeared. So I restarted my computer. Now windows is win defender showing me this ( pic below). What does it mean and what should I...
  5. Okama

    Closed/Inactive Weird undetectable malware

    Okay so I'm quite a noob on this whole computer thing, so I don't know where to find the logs or even what specs my computer has. It's an RoG, so it's supposed to be quite resistant, with McAfee SafeSearch to protect my browser and Avast if needed. I have this weird thing happening since a week...
  6. dannyd3942

    Best antivirus+ antimalware software

    So I was researching virus protection software after messing up my PC and realized that for my laptop I would need antivirus software but also antimalware software, I'm leaning towards Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Malwarebytes Has anyone ever used these and would they recommend them or would...
  7. D

    Closed/Inactive Windows cmd.exe transferring files on its own

    Hi All! I'm having some (potential) issues. I added AdBlocker Extension to chrome that ended up having a lot of bloatware on it and ultimately not doing what it was advertising. So I got rid of it and the other unwanted extensions it added by itself (including, which took over not...
  8. T

    Solved Help with removing adware

    Yesterday, i found google chrome to be redirecting me to other webpages and spamming me with adverts, so i looked around and found that this is called adware. So i followed a few threads and installed malwarebytes which found an adware program along with some other stuff. So i removed them...
  9. T

    Solved Is my pc clean?

    I ran anti malwarebytes, zemana, junkware removal tool, adwcleaner, zhpcleaner,rogue killer and eset online scanner. Nothing was found, but i am still curious if there is anything left, since i've had a trojan svchost.exe virus that i removed instantly after i got it. Logs from FRST: Scan result...
  10. tobi19

    Solved Chrome popups, viruses etc.

    Ok, so this started like 1-2 days ago... All of a sudden I started getting all these popups viruses, ads. etc. For example, every time I search for something (doesn't matter what) the first 3 results are from this iq option page, or some other similar. I tried everything, reinstalling Chrome 2-3...
  11. F

    Solved 2017-03-11 - Back for more

    Hi all, About a week after my last visit I noticed a browser hijack. I opened a page and in just under a second the browser loaded a page claiming to be a Firefox update page, and it popped up a download window asking me to download a javascript file. It's been busy at work so I haven't had...
  12. G

    Solved Virus/malware or something else? Keyboard issue

    Laptop: Sony Vaio VPCEB2C5E running Windows 7 While visiting websites for a project (investment websites - didn't think there was anything dodgy) my laptop started performing strangely. Several of the keys stopped working - p, shift, odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9), and backspace. If I pressed them...
  13. T

    Solved How to remove rundll32.exe virus.

    hi. I have a problem with my pc..everytime I click it will pop up this message "Windows cannot find 'C:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and athaen try again. please assist what should I do to overcome this issue.
  14. R

    Solved dllhost.exe COM Surrogate /Processid:{49A33422-EFF8-4925-805

    I just noticed that every time when I start my PC there are 4 (sometimes more) processes called dllhost.exe with a description COM Surrogate. But after 1-2 hours of working on my computer I can see about 20 dllhost.exe processes with the same call as I described below. Process hacker shows me...
  15. H

    Solved Laptop is running really slowly

    So I have had a my laptop for about 4 years, stopped using it for a while and now it has become incredibly slow. It takes it about a minute to open up google chrome and then ages to load up a webpage while the Internet is running fine on other devices. My fps in games has also significantly...
  16. I

    Solved UC Chinese Virus

    Hello, I need help! I was trying to install a free software when I ran a suspicious exe file (I feel really dumb and regretful about it.) A War game thing popped up on my desktop together with another program with a yellow squirrel and Chinese name. Now there's an icon overlayed on my screen, my...
  17. Johnathon Patterson

    Solved Computer Slow after malware removal?

    Hello, I posted here last night asking for help with a trojan called "[email protected]". I went through the process with the expert and it seemed to work. However, now my laptop is moving slow. Not all the time, just every so often it lags. I could be switching to my desktop, my click doesn't...
  18. C

    Solved Malware or Possible Trogen Issue

    Hello: I am running Windows 10 - Home version. The computer is a HPG72 Notebook. My computer gets a pop up trying to get me to go to a Microsoft site, every time I go to any site. Some times the only way to get rid of it is to shut down Windows and start again. I ran a Kaspershy scan and the...