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  1. Tongi69

    Solved VGA Cable DOES NOT FIT in ASUS VIVOBOOK Laptop with HDMI Cable connected. What can I do to overcome this? Is cutting the VGA Cable connector safe? Did

    VGA Cable DOES NOT FIT in ASUS VIVOBOOK Laptop with HDMI Cable connected - as in there's not enough space to fit both of them. What can I do to overcome this? I saw a video where the Youtuber cut the connector to make it fit (). Is cutting the VGA Cable connector safe? Did anyone get it to...
  2. krasi16

    Solved Is this cable VGA or DVI

    I got sent a photo of a cable to see if it is compatible with a newer monitor. I can't make out if this is a VGA or DVI cable https://ibb.co/3S907Bd
  3. G

    Does this device exist?

    I have three monitors that I want to connect to my Desktop, two are dvi/vga and one is dvi/hdmi. If at all possible, I would also like to occasionally connect my work laptop, and use the three monitors and the laptop screen. Is there a device that can do all of that? or will I need two different...
  4. C

    VGA to DisplayPort issues

    Hello! My monitor only has a vga port, and is currently connected to the vga port for the cpu of my pc. I want to plug my monitor into my gpu, but there are only displayport and hdmi ports. I have tried both VGA to hdmi, and VGA to displayport, but each time there is no signal to the monitor...
  5. M

    Dual screen setup

    Hello, Trying to boost my WFH setup (yes, this late in the game) with a 2nd screen - the laptop we use has 2 x USB C ports, I use a USB C to VGA adapter to connect to the screens, so need both ports for that. However, the charging is also done via USB C so I'm needing to reach around my desk or...
  6. F

    Dual monitor 1 HDMI port

    Hey, Currently my PC is linked to it's monitor with an HDMI to HDMI port, I'm looking forward to install a second monitor very soon. What exactly do I need? Would an HDMi splitter be enough to link both of my monitor at the same time, without them displaying the exact same screen? I have no VGA...
  7. Ποσειδῶν

    GPU fans doesn't work. (Please I need help)

    Hello! I have a dell system Optiplex 9020 System: CPU: intel core i3 - 4130 3,40ghz RAM: 16gb ddr3 1600 mhz VGA: asus gt 640 2gb ddr3 I changed the PSU from 290 watt to 450 watt Okay so I installed my graphics card into the motherboard but the graphics card's fans doesn't work. Why? In my old...
  8. A

    Having issues with connecting a drawing tablet

    So I have an advent pc Windows 7, and I'm trying to connect an artist 12 xp pen drawing tablet to it via hdmi. It keeps saying no signal. The USB that's attached works fine, there's just no display on the tablet. It's not the cables as I've replaced them. Is this a simple fix or do I need to...
  9. B

    Connecting Monitor to PC

    Hi, so I have a PC tower which I know works fine. The monitor turns on fine and shows the little green light in the corner when I turn it on. However, when I connect the tower to the monitor with a vga cable, the monitor's little light immediately goes from green to orange. All this time the...
  10. T

    Problem with PC after Formatting.

    Hello, I have an HP ProBook 6570b that used to run a lot of games smoothly (I used to play The Walking Dead on it.). However, One day, I was forced to format my PC and I took it to someone who did it for me. After this process, and after getting my PC back, I downloaded The Walking Dead to...