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  1. SlavaUkraini

    Solved PC randomly freezes when playing games, followed by loud static from speakers

    Hi all, so for a while, I have been getting this issue where my PC will freeze while playing games out of nowhere. It seems to be highly unpredictable just when it will freeze... but when it does, a loud, ear-piercing static will come out of the headphones and everything will become...
  2. Ovreused

    Sudden FPS drop

    Hello, I have Geforce msi gtx1060 gaming x 6gb graphic card for 2 years 4 Days ago my FPS droped for nothing in every game, from basic 150+ at full details to 20-40 at any details. Every game is now unplayable. I tried reinstaling games, restarting PC, restarting BIOS, Reinstaling gpu...