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  1. Veljko Мutovčiev

    PC won’t recognise 3.5 mm

    My pc worked fine nothing happened that could cause this and today a turned it on and it just won’t recognise any 3.5 mm jack, headphones nor speakers doesn’t work it’s just like nothing is plugged in but when I plug my old headphones through USB they work just fine…Can this be only hardware...
  2. Daniil Drugus

    Asus prime x370-pro

    Strange speaker posted code. 1-3-1-5
  3. S

    Laptop internal speakers stuttering

    Hello, I have a problem with my MSI Leopard Pro GP60 2QF, specifically with a stuttering sound coming from its internal speakers. It's been like that for years but until now I haven't really tried to solve it because when headphones or external speakers are plugged in, there's no problem with...
  4. M

    My PC not wanting to boot Realtek, or detecting anything that's plugged into the audio jack inputs...

    Hello, I just recently upgraded my computer with a newer CPU, the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 from a AMD Ryzen 3 3600. Everything is working great except for a strange issue where none of my audio jack inputs are detecting anything. Like, nothing is displaying on the computer that shows something's plugged...
  5. A

    Solved External speakers & DisplayPort issue

    Someone used my computer yesterday and since then my external speakers, which are connected to my monitor, are not working with Windows 10. However, when I change my monitor's input to HDMI (which my Switch is connected to), there are no issues. Similarly, I connected the speakers to my laptop...
  6. Johnathon Patterson

    Solved Computer Slow after malware removal?

    Hello, I posted here last night asking for help with a trojan called "KMS-R@1n.exe". I went through the process with the expert and it seemed to work. However, now my laptop is moving slow. Not all the time, just every so often it lags. I could be switching to my desktop, my click doesn't...