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safe mode

  1. Daniel90

    Solved In safe mode i suspend some process and i have Black screen with cursor

    Can someone help me? I go to safemode and i in procces suspend some process after my pc go to black screen with cursor. Ctrl+shift+del, ctrl+shift+esc doesnt working. Sorry if i have gramar problem, i speak english not well.
  2. Krazyyy

    Keyboard and mouse only works in BIOS and Windows Recovery. They don't even work in Safe Mode.

    Hi! Few days ago, I've discovered something, which happened first time in my life. My keyboard and moyse stopped working. I could see that they work in BIOS and Windows Recovery. That is not because of motherboard, usb port or any related to hardware. I will not answer questions, which are...
  3. powplow

    Why won't my PC boot after I turned on safe mode?

    Hi and Thanks for reading. This all Started yesterday with my PC when I found a malware chrome extension on my computer that has been there for a while called optimum search. I wanted to get rid of it so I went to YouTube and search up a tutorial on how to do this. During this tutorial it...
  4. M

    PC stable only in Safe Mode; black screen of death in normal

    Hello, my PC has been very stable for years... but suddenly developed a chronic case of black-screen-of-death this Thanksgiving, and I have been unable to correct the problem at all. I am seeking help from anyone more computer-savvy than me (which is probably everyone here). OS: Windows 7...
  5. P

    Solved Screen showing no signal after windows 10 logo, please help

    Hi, I get no signal on my screen (display port) after the windows 10 logo shows. I googled it and found out that it might be a problem with my graphics driver. I reset the pc into safe mode and went into "device manager". In display adapter I see my 2 graphics cards, Inter(R) HD Graphics 4600...