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  1. S

    Perfomance not smooth on good gaming rig

    Hey everyone, I got a problem. When I play games like Apex, Warzone and Destiny 2 e.g. i notice that my gameplay isn't that smooth and more so "wonky". Frames are decent and stay between 100 and 165 (165 is the refreshrate of my monitor). Here are my Specs: ASUS Rog Strix 3070Ti ASUS Rog...
  2. Z

    CPU not using its full capacity

    Hello, I’ve noticed my PC CPU (ryzen 2600) is only operating at max 60% when gaming, although it’s fluctuates from like 10%-60% non stop. I’d have thought it was a heat issue, as my cooling in the PC and for CPU itself Is not the best (stock cooler) However my CPU has weirdly never gone above 58...
  3. D

    Rendering problem Windows 10

    Hi. I have an issue with rendering in games. It looks like in this video (it's not mine, but I have the same exact issue): Shadows come out of nowhere, also they appear only when I come closer to the surface (0:55 at the video - look at the wall on the left side), grass renders only when I'm...