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Rendering problem Windows 10

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Dec 28, 2018
Hi. I have an issue with rendering in games. It looks like in this video (it's not mine, but I have the same exact issue):

Shadows come out of nowhere, also they appear only when I come closer to the surface (0:55 at the video - look at the wall on the left side), grass renders only when I'm close. I have this problem in Witcher 3, Overwatch and even in CS:GO. It is really annoying.
I did not have issues like that in October/September (only in GTA V).
It doesnt matter if I install the game on SSD or the HDD.

I had GTX 1080 in my PC and I didnt have this issue. Then, in early September I switched 1080 to GTX 1060. I played CS:GO with 1060 and I didnt have this issue. I realized those rendering problems somewhere in late november/early december and now I try to fix this.

If you want I can record my own videos in CS:GO, Witcher 3 and in Overwatch.

My PC build:
Ryzen 5 1600 - not overclocked
GTX 1060
16 GB RAM 2993 MHz
B350 PC Mate
SilentiumPC Supremo M1 550W

I tried reinstalling GPU drivers, I updated the BIOS. Still didnt fixed it. I have the newest Windows 10 Update installed (October Update) - is there any way to downgrade it to check if this is the problem?
Not open for further replies.