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not responding

  1. Finkr

    Solved When I try and play a game my my GPU shuts down.

    CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x PSU: EVGA 600w GPU: Radeon RX 580 DUAL RAM: 32GB DDR4 MB: MSI x470 Gaming Plux Max This is a new issue I can boot the pc fine it's just when I try and play some games, the screens go black but I still have input. They flicker and it restarts to the main menu but sometimes the...
  2. Gr0MMMMM

    PC slow, loading, not responding

    Hello, I bought a prebuilt pc like 3 years ago and it wasnt anything that good, just little bit under normal gaming pc. This year I decided to upgrade my cpu for a better one because of the bottleneck. With the cpu I also bought a new motherboard because the motherboard in the prebuilt pc was...
  3. J

    Solved Laptop keeps freezing

    I have a hp envy 17 with an i7-4702mq and nvidia geforce gt750m laptop with 8gb of ram. running on windows 10. A few months ago, my laptop suddenly freezes everytime I close my game. It works fine when running the game but a couple of minutes after playing the laptop would freeze and shut down...
  4. Alex Nicholson

    Games failing to launch

    Hey everyone! Hope y’all can help. And before you ask I’m pretty experienced building pc’s so I’ve done some troubleshooting already. Specs: -ryzen 9 5600x -32gb team group Vulcan RAM <@!734957228489965619>00mhz -rtx 3060 12gb -B450 tomahawk max My issue: I just installed my new processor (not...
  5. Laro

    Solved Strange process dupe bug crashing many programs

    Hello there! Yesterday, my Windows machine began doing something really strange. I was multitasking with several programs open like usual: Whatsapp Desktop, Discord, Spotify, Chrome, Photoshop, etc. Suddenly, many programs (all mentioned above) stopped responding (with the exception of...
  6. Yoni77

    My computer wont turn on what to do?

    Hi! I have a gaming pc that served me well for about half a year, today i tried to turn on my pc and nothing happed i thought there was something wrong with the power button so i switched it with the reset button and it didnt work, what should i do?
  7. S

    After about an hour, every programs stops responding

    After about an hour of being on, all my programs suddenly stopped responding and I can't close them. Or open anything else for that matter. I have to physically restart the pc in order to use it again, until it freezes again. Thanks in advance.