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  1. venandnear

    Solved PC freezes up when Alt Tab out of games and in Netflix App

    so I don't know whats going on but some weird stuff has happened lately with my pc. It started when one day I couldn't change from my Speakers to my Headphone on the fly like when I remove my speakers from the pc and put in my headphones it will be recognized but won't show up in audio settings...
  2. throwawayaccountnumber1

    Very odd problem

    So I am having a very weird problem and I can not find anything about it online. I dont even know what to search for. So My problem is that whenever I am playing Wow Classic and open something like Netflix or Prime video etc. on my 2nd monitor. I start to have ~2 seconds freeze/blackscreen...
  3. M

    Playing Videos on PC

    So I've had this problem for a while now but my laptop is broken so now I really need this fixed. Anytime I try to play videos through either the windows 10 film and video player thing or Netflix, maybe more but as far as I know its just hose two, the fps is incredibly low around 1 or 2 frames...