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  1. E

    Solved Sound reconnecting constantly while playing videogames

    Hi, when I'm playing any videogame the PC sound starts reconnecting constantly making it laggy and unplayable. I've tried multiple devices and the problem keeps happening. The audio works perfectly fine outside of any game but as soon as I open a videogame it starts cutting randomly. I contacted...
  2. C

    FPS Drops

    So I recently started to get FPS spikes while I was in-game (Almost every game). I thought it might have been my PC overheating, so I downloaded 'CoreTemp' to check the temperatures will gaming. Generally, all of my cores temps were between 38 and 55 °C. But sometimes all of my core...
  3. N

    Solved Acer aspire 3 a315-55g-77k7 Suttering problems...GPU/CPU heatsink might be the cause

    So I have a new problem with my pc, I encounter it all the time in games and also in normal use,when under full load the laptop stutters. I mean in games(csgo) it goes with 110-120 fps for 2-3 seconds than it lags for 1-2 seconds(20-30fps) and goes up again to 110-120 and its doing this...
  4. S

    Ram doesn't work it seems

    I bought this PC in November. It worked great with the 8GB ram in it(Ballistix) and i just added 16GB corsair vengance RGB Pro and removed the old ram. Ever since then, Warzone is so laggy It's unplayable, i rubber-band through walls and freeze. I Took out the new ram and put the old one in and...
  5. Y

    Game stuttering constantly but I have low ping and high fps

    So I just upgraded my PC to a Gtx 1650 super, Ryzen 3 3100 and 16GB of DDR4, this problem was already happening just before I upgraded but when I play CSGO and Battlefield 4, I have very high fps on high and low graphics and all resolutions and still experience this stuttering which feels like I...
  6. TeodorDostojevski

    Weird booting sounds and sudden lag

    I turned on my computer and it made three noises from the speaker before it turned on, next few days it made same once when booting, now when I turn it on it makes the noise constantly the speakers blink fan tries to spin but fails continuously and there are some flashing lights from inside of...