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help me please

  1. RedMeerkat

    Would this work?

    I have a Z390 UD motherboard and it only has 1 HDMI output. I really want 2 monitors and was wondering if a USB to HDMI converter would work as I purchased one ( only about £10 ) and it doesn't work so it might just be a bad converter or maybe it isn't possible. Sidenote: I have checked that the...
  2. Idotny

    No output

    Basically when i turn my pc on there is output for like a second then black screen. If i unplug the vgi cable and replug it into the gpu again 1 second of output and black screen
  3. J

    Solved How to get a 32bit CD application to run on Windows 10 using an external ODD/HDD Device

    Hello, I found my outdated Rosetta Stone CDs. It comes with multiple disks, one to install the program and the others for the specific language you are trying to use in the program. Unfortunately, my old laptop is no longer functional and my new laptop does not come with a CD ROM, [64-bit...
  4. Garrettlee18

    Solved No signal on monitor upon first startup

    To make a long story short, HP screwed me on an 1100 dollar paperweight with components that weren’t exactly compatible. It burned out in half an hour. Went black. I could unplug the CPU and SYS power and get an led/fan pulse for about 2 seconds. Then back off. So I read online and came to the...
  5. Devil?

    Solved Is my gpu or psu faulty??

    Hey guys, I recently bought a used asus gtx 1080 strix, along with a brand new 650w psu (I upgraded from a gtx1050ti). Every now and then the monitor turns black and i'm hit with the "no signal" text. Then I have to press the power button to force my pc to restart to get signal. Event Viewer...
  6. BeanTeen

    Solved Pc will not fully shut off.

    Okay, so ever since early February my pc has been having this problem where whenever I try to turn it off the cpu error light comes on and the cpu fan speed increases, as well as the ram and gpu remaining on. I’ve just been turning it off from the psu for now, but I was told if I keep doing that...
  7. Wcagee101

    Applications constantly crashing and force closing

    Specs: Windows 10 Gigabyte rtx 2080 gpu Ruzen 9 3900x Crossheir viii hero w/ wifi Noctua cooler 2tb hybrid Seagate ssd drive 1tb Samsung Evo ssd 32 gb trident z ram I dont have many startup apps, basically none. With the noctua air cooler, the cpu stays cool and the gpu as well with using the...
  8. Yoni77

    My computer wont turn on what to do?

    Hi! I have a gaming pc that served me well for about half a year, today i tried to turn on my pc and nothing happed i thought there was something wrong with the power button so i switched it with the reset button and it didnt work, what should i do?
  9. Bitdoo

    Solved My pc won’t start, and I think it’s my f panel connections

    Here’s a little video just in case this helps: hello I think I’ve been having issues with my F panel connectors on my computer i’ve had problems with the connectors in the past I’ve had to wiggle the cord a bit to get it to work but right now after messing with my computer replacing my ram...
  10. M

    Display (driver?) crash that has plagued me for years

    Firstly here is my device information Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz Ram 12.0 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor So anytime a watch a video or play a game it will run fine for around 2-10 minutes depending on the intensity of what I'm doing...
  11. D

    SAS NAS Server

    Hi Guys, I´m trying to build a nas from some old sas drives i have got laying around. the only problem is that i dont know witch hardware i should use that don't makes me bankrupt. Ive already got 34 sas drives (22 2,5" and 12 3,5") and a lot of ddr3 and ddr2 ram. everything else i would...
  12. Z

    Pc reboots when gaming

    I have recently installed rust on my PC and have run into the problem of playing for about 5 minutes and my PC completely reboots. I tried multiple times but the same problem keeps occurring. The problem doesn't occur on the less demanding games I play like CSGO or Valorant. I made sure all of...
  13. I

    Computer won't boot after i powered off with the buttin

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but i built my first computer a few months back and it worked amazingly, but yesterday there was a power outage while I was on it, so i checked today when the power returned to see if it worked. It lit up so i turned it off at the power button...
  14. papercuz

    Why does my PC restart when playing games? AIO COOLER Cause???

    I was playing rainbow six siege my GPU temperature was 41 Celsius but my CPU was 60 Celsius. But all of a sudden my pc restarted??? I’m a 100% sure my AIO cooler is properly connected and installed?? I even check in BIOS mode to see the AIO RPM. And it was 3000 RPM. This is a Lian li Gahalad...
  15. help02020

    Solved RAM Slot Name

    Hi, i have a dumb question. How do i figure out, what's the name of the RAM slot? For example, on CPU's, the name of the holder is ' chipset ', whats the name of the RAM holder and how do i know what's it's name?
  16. G

    Solved Fanless 2080 super

    I have got a new pc by pieces except a gpu some weeks ago. I ordered the gpu 2 days ago to a specific wholesaler. I ordered a 2080 super and well... im writting this because it has no fans lol. He did not tell me anything about this, should I ask for a refund? I have seen in some webs that...
  17. Krazyyy

    Keyboard and mouse only works in BIOS and Windows Recovery. They don't even work in Safe Mode.

    Hi! Few days ago, I've discovered something, which happened first time in my life. My keyboard and moyse stopped working. I could see that they work in BIOS and Windows Recovery. That is not because of motherboard, usb port or any related to hardware. I will not answer questions, which are...
  18. S

    Black screen, secondary screen works. Can't find the issue for the primary one.

    Laptop involved:Asus ROG Strix GL553VW-FY079T Situation: I was booting (succesfully) on Linux on a USB drive which hosts my work environment. After a few reboots while trying different boot settings in the BIOS (kept putting the bootable USB in the wrong USB slot and it would not show up), the...
  19. mixrogers

    Lenovo Login Issue

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help. I have a new Lenovo which I have recently been locked out of. There are three login options: finger-print scanner, pin, and password. All three are currently set-up on my device but I’ve only ever needed to use the finger-print because it works so...
  20. S

    PC Hard Freezing Streaming/Recording/Rendering

    So the topic pretty much says it all, I get a hard freeze randomly gaming some times. Most of the times it's when I'm recording or rendering a long video. I've tried experimenting streaming on this PC setup but no luck just get a hard freeze randomly playing. No clue what to do anymore, I've...