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help me please

  1. R

    PC playing games badly

    Hi I've had this issue for a while now but no matter my settings my PC just lags badly no matter if it's single player or online a new or retro game I can't seem to not lag Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 Plus AM3+/AM3 AMD 970 & SB950 SATA 6Gb/s Power supply: EVGA 500 W1 100-W1-0500-KR 80+ 500W...
  2. T

    PC wont POST but has power

    Im building a pc for a friend and after plugging everything in and double checking every connection it turns out but doesn’t post. I installed everything securely and all of the fans spin to life but there’s no boot screen or anything. Any help? I tried reseting the cmos and trying different...
  3. Z

    Solved Weird dropping in fps on brend new pc with good system.

    Hi,so Im trying to fix my pc now for one month and no help till now . So this is my last hope i would say. First of all let me explain spec of my pc. Cpu-Ryzen 5 3600 Gpu-amd 6600rx (8gb) 1tb of ssd Psu is 650-700w Motherboard-asus a520m-k 16gb of ram ( 1x16) Os-windows 10 So after that is...
  4. Leo P.

    CPU debug led on, monitor says no signal goes to sleep.

    CPU: 5800x Cooler: Xpg AIO (don’t know exact) Gpu: Evga 3080 Motherboard: Msi pro series (text on board) RAM: 32g Ballistix (3200 I think) Power supply: Xpg core reactor (text on side) (don’t know wattage) Hi I turned on my computer this afternoon to find that my monitors were not receiving a...
  5. E

    High end pc stutters in games

    Hello, all of a sudden when i went to play a val game my game kept stuttering every couple seconds. I went to check if it was just val but it was every game. My ping is 10-25 and my fps gets from 200 to 700 so idk why it would be doing this. Everything seems to be working fine but my games...
  6. R

    Pc shuts down and fans go 100% speed with low hardware temperatures

    Hello, I have been struggling with this problem for a few weeks now. It first started when I was playing a game and my pc shut down, screen went black and the fans went 100% speed. The first thought in me was a temperature issue, so I cleaned my whole pc of dust and put new thermal paste on the...
  7. R

    Solved Pc shuts down and fans go full blast with low hardware temperatures.

    Hello, I have been struggling with this problem for a few weeks now. It first started when I was playing a game and my pc shut down, screen went black and the fans went 100% speed. The first thought in me was a temperature issue, so I cleaned my whole pc of dust and put new thermal paste on the...
  8. A

    Display randomly loses signal while pc is on and not responding

    have been having this problem for a while now and i can not figure out the cause i have 3 PCs and i leave all of them on 24/7 and the issue is only on one of them the issue is my monitors randomly loses signal while the pc is on and i can still hear my friends on discord and everything is...
  9. A

    Monitor turns off at random intervalls

    The monitor on my recently purchased HP Omen 25L computer randomly goes black, and I've encountered some issues. I have a 4060Ti, i7 13700F, and 16GB RAM, and my power supply is 600W. From the first time I turnd it on, the monitor turns black for a few seconds, and after pressing some buttons on...
  10. R


    My pc hasn’t been working idk what the problem is. My parts are Ryzen 5 7600, RX 6700 XT, ddr5 wi-fi motherboard, 32 GB Corsair DDR5 Ram, 2 TB Samsung storage with heat sink, thermal take am5 cooler, Bitfenix pc case and 650W Corsair psu. Idk if it’s incompatible or something but in the summer...
  11. E

    Weird results on google search and all other search engines/ browsers

    I get these weird results when I look something up all the time please help it’s been an ongoing issue for some time now on my iPhone and on my PC I’ve factory rest everything including router but still happens
  12. pravdist

    Overcurrent in USB port

    So a few months back I moved my pc fairly aggressively and it later said something along the lines of "overcurrent in USB port, will shut off in 15 seconds to protect motherboard" (I have an MSi mobo) I eventually got the issue fixed by letting some of the wiring loose in the back then a few...
  13. PanderMC

    Solved Pc crashing when gaming

    When I play some games it doesn't really matter what games just any of them my pc crashes sometime into playing them it can be from 1 minute all the way up to an hour and i don't understand the problem and I have had it for a while. The crash is like my monitor shuts off but I can still hear...
  14. F

    Display Issue

    My pc has had this issue where the pc will randomly stop outputting to the display while the pc is still on and outputting audio. I have tried different monitors, hdmi cables, resetting the cmos and changing the TdrDelay value. Sometimes the pc will turn on but not output display sometimes it...
  15. M

    NVME Drive Will Not Boot

    So strange situation I have. I was upgrading from a GTX 1660 video card to a Radeon RX 6750 XT should have been an easy peasy changeout. But my issue now is that while BIOS detects the hard drive, it will not boot into windows. The computer will only boot to BIOS, I can boot to USB live...
  16. Isaac Hart

    Computer blue screen on shutdown, can't do any Windows updates

    Title. It's been a month, every shutdown causes a blue screen. As well as I can't install any Windows updates. They all get stuck on 0 percent and then error out.
  17. L

    Sims 4 keeps "crashing"

    My Sims 4 keeps closing, I dont even know if I could call it crashing since it just straight up closes, no crash screen or anything, it dosent even freeze a second before closing, it just does. I don't know what to do anymore I tried about everything, here is a list of everything I tried: 1...
  18. TingLink

    Peripherals keep disconnecting

    Hey, So basically my peripherals keep disconnecting for like 5-10 seconds and then reconnect without me doing anything. I've tried updating/uninstalling the drivers, changing the power supply, I even removed one of my hard drives to check if it was my power supply that was not powerful enough...
  19. Joey Nunes

    VGA Light on Mobo only after System restarts

    Hi all, I’m setting up my old pc (as I’ve upgraded) for my girlfriends birthday. It’s not been touched for about a month or two but never had any issues, I just wanted an upgrade. I added some storage since I transferred the old to my new build, but have now encountered an issue. When...
  20. Ryu Kazuma

    Solved Gigabyte B550 AC and Crucial P3 compatible?

    i just wanted to know if its okay if i install a SSD Crucial P3(CT1000P3SSD8) to Gigabyte B550 AC